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flycast 04-06-2008 02:54 PM

Replace lag bolts in masonite garage doors
I have a masonite garage door. I have had one section replaced because the bolts that hold the hinges and metal stiffener and door sections together have pulled out. After a year the new section is doing the same thing. This time most of the bolts are pulling out rather than just some. Looks to me like the installers overtorqued the bolts and they pulled out of the masonite fiber.

Does anybody have any advice for me on repairing this? I took a few and stuffed the hole full of toothpicks with Elmer's glue and drove the bolts back in. Is there a better way? Seems like the masonite (fiber) seems to just fall apart when the screws are driven in.

sfixx 04-06-2008 08:00 PM

Please clarify the fasteners that you are referring to. BOLTS have nuts and SCREWS don't but use the threads alone to maintain their hold. If the screws are pulling out I might consider replacing them with small nuts, bolts and washers.


flycast 04-06-2008 08:41 PM


To use bolts would mean that there would be a whole bunch of ugly bolts exposed on the outside of the door. Any other ideas? Is there some kind of insert that would not mean exposed hardware on the opposite side?

MgMopar 04-07-2008 08:02 AM

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Many garage use threw bolts but so they are not so ugly the use what is called a Carriage bolt they are rounded or flat on the outside side of the door. In the rows the hinges form they do not look to bad and are a lot stronger the relying on a threaded lag.

sfixx 04-10-2008 08:25 PM

I think that Matt is correct. A true quality door will have through fasteners.


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