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rent an infrared camera?

ever hear of places that rent them? trying to winterize the house and i'd love to be able to measure the immediate change that various weatherproofing applications have. just wondering.


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Black and Decker sell one that should be good enough for your needs. I think they run under $50.00. In bought it and it's good for localized issues. I wouldn't use it to confirm inwall insulation installation, but for window, door and localized cold spots it's fine.


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That price sounds like an infrared thermometer, not camera! The cameras cost in the thousands. You could make your own by hacking a digital camera, but I don't think it would be very useful for this purpose without the false-color imaging.
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Even if you can rent one how do you propose to interpret the results.

Depending on the time of day, windows can be confusing at best and south facing brick veneer shows up as a radiant heat loss when it is releasing the heat absorbed during the day and it is just a veneer and there is an air gap behind it that should be close to the exterior temperature.

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Thats easy Dick, its like going to the sun, you just go at night when its cooler.
When its all said and done there is usually more said than done
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For what those rental rates cost, you can almost get a professional in to perform the entire comprehensive test on the home's envelope. At least around here, the test for "Energy Star" qualification is just over $400, and it's extremely comprehensive.
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There are lots of places that rent them. Just type "rent thermal camera" and they'll come up. However, just as JOMAMA says, they're about $650. to rent for a few're better off having a composite done for you than trying to figure out how to use one for the first time.


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