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Boroco 03-27-2009 04:48 AM

Removing wallpaper and repairing plaster walls
My SO's mom recently passed and we need to fix up the house. My guess is it's about 60 years old. He's never done much of this, but I'm fairly handy. My ex-husband was also, well, I've learned to do a lot by myself.

My question is what is the best way to remove the old wallpaper from the plaster walls, it's covered with it. Most of it (the wallpaper) is in sad shape. Some of the plaster is not in good shape either from a roof leak that was repaired a few years ago. I'd like to remove the wallpaper and paint, is that possible?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

Just Bill 03-27-2009 05:59 AM

A steamer is usually the best way to get old paper off. You can rent them in a lot of places. The paper may need to be scored to let the moist steam to get behind the paper. Once the paper is mostly off, wash everything down to remove the old glue. Nicks, dings can be patched with drywall compound(mud), I like the results better than spackle. Cracks must be taped, then coated with mud. Then prime, paint.

Ron6519 03-27-2009 07:37 AM

If it's actually, " paper" wallpaper you could also use a tool called a, paper tiger. It perforates the paper and allows the steam or water to get in there and dissolve the wallpaper paste.
As for the plaster repair, it depends on how damaged it is. If you can post a picture of the area, then it will be easier to guide you to the correct way of dealing with the issue.

bjbatlanta 03-27-2009 01:27 PM

If the integrity of the plaster has been compromised by water, you might be best off covering the ceiling with a layer of drywall and finishing. (If it's actually crumbling or pulling away from the lath.) Chip out any loose material, shim joists and hang a layer of 1/2" drywall. You COULD hang a layer of 1/4" on the walls to cover the paper. Butt to the trim and flat tape, if your trim is wide enough. (Most older homes have full 3/4" casing and base.) As stated above, picture(s) would be good....

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