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csnolan 10-25-2007 09:48 PM

Removing Ceramic Tile
I have a walk in closet that has a ceramic floor. Of course my wife wanted me to change it so off I went to Home Depot and got a chisel and a large hammer and got it all up. Now I have a very uneven floor that is basically rough from the thin set from when the old tile was installed. Can I level the floor out and then tile over the leveling material or should I scrape all of the old thinset off? Getting the tile up was a chore, But the old thinset is next to impossible. Basically I have a closet with a rough thinset coated floor. She is about to kill me!! Can tile be put over the old rough thinset surface? Would I be better off to use some kind of leveling material then just capet over it? I believe she has her heart set on tile, But I am not sure I can get the thinset up.



Ron6519 10-26-2007 10:37 PM

You don't mention the condition of the tile you removed. Was grout popping out? Tiles cracked? If the tile floor was in good shape, the substrate was probably fine.
If you're good with a trowel you can skim coat the floor with a layer of thinset to get it level. If not, you can use the leveling compound. You just prime the surface, mix it up and pour it out. Plug up any openings and feather the edges.

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