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mt232 04-10-2007 11:55 AM

reaching the point of no return
If I do have to hire an attorney to sue a contractor, is there a specific type to look for? Simply contract law?

KUIPORNG 04-10-2007 01:28 PM

I think your questions is not enough detail for someone to comment...

I wonder if you can successfully sue a contractor and get net positive $$ after all the legal expenses..etc... and if the contractor will pay you....

May be anyone with a positive experience can post here....

mt232 04-10-2007 01:48 PM

Turns out that my sister recently used one in the area...unfortunatley there are too many bad apples in the business (but not all).

the latest item is that he bouced a few checks and is blaming me for late payment to him. My last payment to him was upon completion of the roof, I didn't pay him as soon as he asked for it because I had a list of unfinished framing and roof issues. I paid him after much of the list was completed, but as a matter of fact, the ridge vent has still not been completed, they did north of the chimney, but not south of the chimney.....I paid them in good faith (my mistake).

Anyway, they now say they must discuss the next steps with me, I gave them the check on March 29, and they worked the next day, but thats it.

Whats left is completion of window installation (they bought replacements for new const. and installed them wrong.), siding of the second floor and a checklist of odds n ends

our contract called for 4-6 weeks completion, with a 1% penalty for each week over, we're in week nine now

if the aren't back to work tomorow, i'd like to replace them and bill them for any amount i must pay the new builder over thier final payment. plus, i would go after them for 4,000 worth of damages they caused to my house and property.

but i dont want to sue them, they could easily be done in 2 days.

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