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ryanb4614 09-22-2012 01:05 PM

Purchased a ranch house just one year ago. I have completely remodeled the "up stairs" new kitchen and new bathroom. Every room need urgent Tlc. Now we have been having some rain storms and I am having some issues with water. Outside we ran out of money getting some major trees removed. I am getting water in my garage and basement during heavy storms. The original garage was turned into a spare room and they added onto the original garage a new garage. The roof I don't think was properly structured See picture looks like they tared the area like crazy. This I know is the leak coming into the garage. The basement not sure. Maybe the down drains are clogged but I don't think the gutters are properly installed. An inside corner where the gutters are they just over lapped the gutters. In the back there is only one down spout! Also the grading outside water is directed towards the house. I want I hit this project after this winter so I am trying to get plans together. Any ideas of what to do with the roof? For the gutters I would like to get all new ones and remove the down pipes that go into the ground (not sure where they come out to)

ryanb4614 09-22-2012 01:12 PM

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Basement has a French drain not very effective. Block foundation was sealed by previous owners along with the flooring. Water just pours in from the mortar joints

biggles 09-22-2012 06:22 PM

might want to get some aluminum L lenghts 4" x 4" and cut them so you channel the water around those tar pits as the water runs down the roof(roof caulk slip them under the shingle press down)....first row of shingles looks like they are almost covering the gutter.might want to cut them back to expose the the rain coming off the roof has chance to drop in... then run that down spout away asap from that foundation

ryanb4614 09-23-2012 08:39 AM

The down spout I will have it running out temporary to my drive way until next year. Next year I will dig up the front and back yard and install new gutters and piping. Looking at the ground it seems like a part of the gutter collects water because there is an impression in the mulch I am not sure if it even makes it to the downspout. For the back. There is only on down spout for the entire back of the house. There should be at least two right?

For the roof, when input on the tar it seems like they only put some kind of plastic behind it. I am willing to rip out all this tar but I am afraid to find out what's under it and what the proper construction would be so water will flow down

Donnig 09-23-2012 11:27 AM

Ryan you do have a few challenges ahead of you, The water entering the basement needs to be addressed from the outside first. Make sure your exterior drainage around the house has adequate from the foundation to whatever drainage system you have. Gutters should be in good shape and sized appropriately so they do not fill up with water during heavy rains. It would help to actually inspect them during downpours to see performance if poor you may need to go from 4 to 5 inch gutters and add downspouts. dicharges should run 6-8 feet off the foundation if possible

Your chimneys should have step metal flashings at minimum and the best is thru the wall flashing but that may not be an option on an existing home now.

The cricks or saddles were put in to get the water away from the house quickly due to what looks like was an addition in the roof valley path. You should really look at this with a good roofer to come up with a good redesign and have them give you a quote then assess if this is something you can do or if it needs a contractors expertise.

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