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Wrangler08 08-06-2007 08:44 AM

Radio Fence Pet Fence Repair
Forget all those expensive and complicated methods of figuring out where a break in the wire has ocurred with your radio pet fence. Go to your local discount store and buy a cheap am/fm radio. I got mine for $5 at Walmart. Make sure it has a tuning dial so you can scroll through the different stations. Generally, the cheaper the better because it will be a basic radio, which is what you want. Cheap headphones are a plus to help you hear what you need.

Now, turn it on and point the antennae directly at your pet fence box (get close), set your radio to AM and tune through the stations until you get a rapid repeating sound. You know you have it when you pull the radio away from the box and the sound stops. KEY - Make sure your box is giving off that beeping alarm signal that started this whole thing while you do all this so you know its actually putting off a signal!! If the box alarm is off the box is NOT sending out a radio signal to the wire.

Now take the radio outside and point the antennae at the ground (almost touching the ground if needed) where the wire is buried until you get that same repeating sound. Now follow it until the signal begins to fade out - you are now at or near the break.

To be sure, you can go back to your box and swap the in/out wires of your loop and follow the signal down the wire the other direction until it fades out again. It should fade out at about the same place.

Just remember to switch your wires back at the box when your done.

I avoided a huge fee and an expensive gadget with this simple DIY solution. Hope it works for you too.

hyosilver 11-10-2008 12:53 PM

Wrangler did you install your radio fence? See my new thread posted today.

sututz 12-29-2010 03:48 PM

Pet fence repair a success!
Your directions were clear, and probably saved me a bundle today, though I spent most of a day locating and repairing the breaches. (Thanks to AT&T, we had two separate cuts in our fence. But I choose my battles and am not about to "go at it" with the imbeciles AT&T sends out to repair their phone lines...ravaging all other lines in their wake!)

As you suggested, my very cheap AM radio received the pulse, at best somewhere around 530 on the AM dial. I had to position my radio just so, time and again, in order for it to receive a clear enough signal. (Our home is in Atlanta, which is chock full of radio noise. Those in rural areas will likely have an easier time than I did.)

One exception to your plan: Headphones are A MUST, not an option!

That said, I thank you for your post. Anyone who has time to burn, a cheap radio, a shovel and the necessary length of pet-fence wire can surely accomplish a similar result.

It's a game for me. And thanks to you...I won today. (My pup isn't all that happy, but I certainly am!)

pyper 01-01-2011 01:25 PM


I can't begin to tell you how many hours I've spent digging up and cutting my wire to find a break.

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