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random44 02-14-2013 05:13 AM

racing seat diy
Hi all,
this is my first post in here thus hello :)
basically i have a racing seat for my gaming which was bought from openwheeler link to the chair is
the chair comes with steering and pedal mounts but no place to mount gear shifter and hand brake

I should say that you can buy gear shifter add on but it does not have a place to mount the handbrake thus I have decided to do this my self and hence asking for help/suggestions

looking at the picture below which is a zoomed picture of my chair with the gear mount , mounted on the chair( I do not have this part) and mine seat picture is the last image in this post.
What I am planning to do(refer to figure 1) :
1.Buy 1x t square joint as depicted in red . 1x 1 meter square tube as depicted in green and connected ti to the red square joint
I will then cut the meter to half and use the other half for the vertical part with the same idea of having another T square connecter in there
again I need another connector for the final part . that is my gear mount sorted

3. now time to sort my handbrake , I am planning to buy a metal bar and crew it into the squre tube half way through the tube as shown by black colour and then use metal corner joint to create a elbow and another bar straight thus I can mount my hand brake on it vertically as showen in blue colour( my hand brake mount place)

Now the problem I have is that ,
When I measured my white straight bar, the external diameter is 3cm (shown in brown) and the biggest T connector has an external diameter of 25mm on ebay which will not fit and this is where I am stock

Any idea on different way to do this etc ? or what I could buy the parts or if you think I should do it a different way

Many thanks

figure 1

my seat

random44 02-15-2013 10:45 AM

280 view and no replies :(

beenthere 02-17-2013 11:55 AM

Machine shop/fabrication shop should have plenty of ideas and ways.

Leprechaun 02-20-2013 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by random44 (Post 1117662)
280 view and no replies :(

Yep, most of us are just as stumped as you are. FWIW, I doubt that eBay is the best source for you. If you don't want to follow beenthere's suggestion, I suggest that you do a search for metal tubing vendors.

PoleCat 02-20-2013 04:03 PM

Nail that ****er to the floor!:thumbsup:

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