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Questions on permits

I had done this job and i knew permits needed to be pulled but the owner had state it was all taken care of so he wanted me to drop my price so i did now after 2 months later when they went to open the store the permits where never pulled so who would be responsible since he informed me it was taken care of?


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Originally Posted by construction101 View Post
...the owner had state it was all taken care of
he wanted me to drop my price so i did
did you get paid?


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No permit in hand or in the window, no work period.
Got a well state licence? It can all come back on you.
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I did get paid and in our contact that both of us signed has nothing about permits in what was on my end that needed to be done. All the work that was included in the contract was completed.
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You went 2 months with no inspections? I don't know your work scope but it would seem like at some point an inspection was needed.
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First and foremost, never let your
customer pull the permits....unless
of course you're unlicensed.

Second, never work for a customer
that says he'll get the permits and
then doesn't post them.

How were inspections done without
a permit?
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I really don't know how it was able to do it with out an inspection that is why i had figured he had taken care of it all i had another job that had done it all cause in ohio everyone want the labor to be dirty cheap good old ohio and i never had a problem so was just wondering if cause in the contract it states nothing about the permits when it all comes down who would it be on since i have a signed contract of what was to be done and permits were not on there and he had signed it
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I would say its on you. You're the contractor, you're the professional. Your scope of work. If I were homeowner or judge I would hold you responsible.
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Who wrote the contract that you signed? Should've been you. If it wasn't, I question whether you're really a licensed pro. If it was, I suggest you revise your standard contract to address permits.

I am not a pro (well, not a pro contractor anyway). But if I were, I wouldn't even consider signing a contract written by one of my customers.

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12penny (02-22-2013)
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Depends on your local laws as far as who is in the most trouble.

Permits and inspections is Construction business/management 101.

In one area the property owner can be fined and have to pay for an inspection, and then gets to pay double the price for permits to do the job that was already done, plus correct anything that doesn't pass, and then have it reinspected. In another area, the contractor gets fined, pays double the price for a permit, and then ends up fixing everything on his dime. And the property owner gets free work from you.

In some states/areas, L&I can come in and close a business down if the work doesn't pass their occupancy inspection.

Hard to say how big of a can of worms you opened up.

Lost a job some years ago cause the store owner didn't want permits pulled. He said the city would never know any work was done. I asked him how he was gonna hide the crane that would be there 3 hours bringing down the old units, and then lifting the new units to the roof. He said it can park in his back lot. I told him a crane big enough to reach the front end of his store would require highway permits to get there. He told me to just leave and I did. He got his new units installed a month later by someone else. 2 months later L&I came in and shut him down. It took 2 months for him to get everything up to code and have L&I reinspect so he could reopen. This was a small grocery store(8600 sq ft give or take). I wonder how much money he lost being closed, or if he sued the contractors that did the renovations for his lost income.


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