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ayudi 12-10-2006 12:35 AM

Question on Grounding

Introducing, my name is Yudi. I am from Bali, indonesia. i am in my last year of my study in university. I am in the electrical departement. currently i am working on my thesis about electrical grounding, especially on concrete encased electrode system. and i am lacking of literature on this particular subject. can you give me any advise for literature on this subject? since in bali you can't find many books, especially on technical subjects. i need to know how to calculate the size of the rebar that is needed in this system, and also what are other components needed to know to design a grounding system using concrete encased electrode method.

Thank you

Best Regards,


joed 12-10-2006 10:17 AM

Search for "UFER ground". That is what it is called here.

ayudi 12-11-2006 04:14 AM

Thanks alot.
I've read in some readings that it's called ufer ground. but somehow i forgot to search using this keyword.
many thanks again, will try it and see how much i can find.

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