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jwil4 12-25-2006 03:57 PM

PVC pipe Dangers??
hello, i have looked all over internet to find accurate and unbiased information, however im having troble finding anything meaningfull, im hopeing the experts here could help me out... My questions is, is how dangerous is pvc pipe really? can it be kept in house around animals and people ? are there any dangers from cutting pvc pipe? chemical wise? also should a dust mask be wore when cutting?, i understand thats its dangerous to heat pvc pipe, about what about cutting? Any internet links would also be appericated, thanks

trollmastergeneral 12-25-2006 05:42 PM

pvc pipe is plastic .it doesnt hurt animals to be around it i wouldnt feed it to them.its alot like the plastic bowl you may feed a animal in
pvc is not like lead or asbestis

jproffer 12-25-2006 06:01 PM

However...If it burns, it puts off toxic fumes. Naturally I realize you're not PLANNING to burn your house down...but realistically, I don't think if the unthinkable happens you're going to remove all the pipe before you get out. In some states regular PVC is not allowed within the "footprint" of the house, for this reason.

Regular PVC can't be used on hot water lines anyway but CPVC can so I can't think of any overwhelming reasons to use regular PVC anywhere. If you get PVC you just have to keep seperate piles...make sure you don't accidentally use regular PVC on a hot water line....make sure you don't grab the CPVC glue and put together regular PVC pipe and fitting (or vice versa)...and so on.

troubleseeker 12-25-2006 08:54 PM

I would not worry about any health concerns here, but check with the local inspector before plumbing with it, as many localities do not accept pvc for pressure lines inside a residence. If you use it, do not skip the primer, they will fail you if so.

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