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Problem with garage door opener

My g-door opener is giving me problems. When I go to close it it stops and reverses itself and the light flickers. I cleaned the lenses over the safety thing (I can't of what's it called). Obviously, I made sure there were no obstructions. Any help would be appreciated.


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Sometimes it can be the sun shinning on one of the sensors.


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Make sure the eyes on the sensors are clean, the wire connections are securely fastened at the sensors and motor head, and the eyes are directed at each other. Also try unplugging the garage door opener and re-plugging the unit back into the outlet this acts as a reset and may reset the sensors. If nothing works, it may be that you have to replace the sensors.
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does it go almost all the way down, then up?
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Originally Posted by Mr Chips
does it go almost all the way down, then up?
It does go up. I also tried unplugging it per suggestion, but it did not fix the problem
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If the electric eyes are marginally lined up or a little loose, the doors vibration will vibrate them out of alignment.
The force adjustment could also need adjustment.
Another issue could be the wheels and the track. If the door shutters on the way down it could reverse. The track connection could have a bump in the transition from horizontal to vertical.
The shuttering could also be the result of the springs not being tensioned alike.
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Not to speak for Mr. Chips, but his question, specifically, was not whether it goes up, but whether it goes ALMOST all the way down before it goes back up. In other words, how close to closed does it get before it reverses. If it gets close to all the way down, it could be an out-of-adjustment limit switch. Also, you said that the light "flickers" at that point. That may be flashes, rather than "flickers", in which case it may be telling you the problem. If it does in fact flash, count the flashes, then check the troubleshooting section of your manual, or refer to the manufacturer's website.
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for starters, might be a good idea to post what is your g-opener model and make.

i have just gone through very similar ordeal. mine lasted around 3 mths.
it started with opener not responding well to the remote. or to the wall mount button. erratic closing, closing half way then pulling back and light flickering. just like yours.

i was recommended to replace control board. they run around $70 ish off internet.

i had spring re-torqued, just to make sure that opener is not overloading. also, adjusted opening force.

it was getting better, then, towards cold times, got worse. at some point, opener quit working completely. motor will spin, that was it. i took it apart and found that chain drive gear was completely worn out. opener was around 6-7 yo, we bought house with it.

i stepped out and bought repair kit for $26, at Sears parts and services. it has worm gear, chain drive gear, and some minor parts in it. replaced all that, re-installed opener, plugged it back in - it went up in smokes. apparently, doing all this, i shortened wiring somewhere.

ended replacing opener.

point of this is:
- make sure your door is balanced. with opener drive disconnected, it should open half way from hand, and stay there. if not, adjust spring tension.
- you need to make sure that safety sensors are pointed right; lights on them should be solid green.
- you can fool with adjusting upward force on opener; my opinion is, it will make it work for some time, but CAUSE of problem will show itself sooner or later.
- you can replace control board
- you can remove opener cover and check on drive gear. or, maybe, even shine light inside and check on it.

in my case, upper door panel was bent, where arm was connected to it. as a result, it was binding, when pulled up. this, obviously, put extra stress on opener, resulting in erratic response from drive safety sensor. eventually, drive gear just gave up.

so, a lot of this goes down to door on tracks alignment and how easily it all moves.
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It is possible that the low angle of the sun may be affecting the sensor peformance. Also take a close look at the bolts that hold the garage door track together. If they are not tight, they could impede the door from opening properly.
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I fixed the problem. I needed to adjust the downward pressure. After doing so, the door works fine. I actually had called to have it serviced. I hate dearly to part with money so I was determined to fix it myself. Thanks everyone for the help. It was greatly appreciated.
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if there is a electric motor , it can be a problem with it . may be it is not greased well or the ring of the motor is out of order .


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