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Originally Posted by handyman_plus View Post
Thanks for everyone's reply, even those that were not much help.
I am turning in a bid that equates to about $21 a sq ft.
Good luck in your future contracting enterprises.

There are forums geared around helping contractors.


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There is a company which advertises a two car garage for $9000 including a reinforced concrete slab.

I'm not sure what a two car garage is, or a reinforced slab.

I would be happy to build a 24x24 garage with a 4" slab resting on a 1x1 perimeter with standard roof & walls, overhead door, entry door, one window, etc. for that price. And I could build them day in and day out.

It works out to $9000/576 is less than $16.
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Gymschu (02-11-2013)
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Easy there, Handyman. You will get plenty of help here. You have to let your question marinate a bit and let everyone sort out what you are asking. One thing that is frowned upon here is asking how to price things no matter if you're doing work yourself or doing it as a contractor. There's just no way to answer labor pricing questions for you unless someone lives close to you and can give possible ballpark figures on labor in YOUR AREA. What works in Arkansas may be twice the going rate of a Midwestern city. No one is intentionally being rude, it's just these questions are asked over and over and over on here and they are impossible to answer.
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oh'mike (02-11-2013)
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This may be a nice way for you or anyone to supplement their income.

You just need to take a standard sized garage, say a 24x24, and build it on paper with standard features:

4" concrete slab on 1'x1' perimeter with 1/2" rebar in the perimeter

Anchor bolts/straps as per code requirement

Holes up through concrete as necessary for water, gas, electric, telephone

PT bottom plate on sill sealer and fir studs 16" OC

8' sidewalls sheathed with 1/2" osb


vinyl siding

2' soffit with aluminum soffit panels, aluminum fascia cover, gutters

hip roof with ceiling joists every 2'

entry door

vinyl 4x4 slider window

16x7 overhead door, insulated, steel on both sides

overhead door operator

subpanel for electricity. Run one 12-3 cable, 220V

12 electrical outlets, 9 lites

1/2" osb roof sheathing, 30 lbs roof paper, steel gutter apron, roof vents

30-35 year arch shingles

Then you can expand upon this. For example:

Finished ceiling

Finished walls

more electricity coming out

water coming out

gas line coming out

insulated walls and ceiling

mechanics pit

built in cabinets

Now, figure out how to build it cheaper:

Gable roof

7/16" sheathing

cheaper shingles

no window

no electricity

cheap overhead door

You'll want to be careful with this part, because it is a bad road to follow.

Next, figure out how long it takes to build the basic garage:

Grade out pad

form up perimeter, dig down for 1'x1' perimeter, add rock base, plastic

place concrete

framing walls and roof, sheathing

shingle roof, install soffit and fascia


gutter and downspouts

install overhead door and operator

everything else-electrical, insulation, wall/ceiling finish.

I think if you get the basic building down to 10 days of work for a solo worker, you'll be doing alright. You'll need help with the concrete and that should be it. I guess the automatic transits will allow you to set grade alone.

Hope this helps. If you get $10,000 for a garage and have $5 in the materials, that will give you $500/day for your 10 days of labor. Obviously, the big operators have a crew of 3 or 4 knocking these out in 4 days and they pay 3 guys $8/hr and one guy $12/hr.


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