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raindog308 04-05-2012 11:57 AM

Prettifying a Concrete Room - baseboard/quarter round gaps
Hello DIY brain trust,

We have a basement room that is concrete walls and floor. We don't have the money to panel and put in flooring, so we painted it and that was a huge improvement.

My wife would like to add some baseboards or quarter-round trim at the floor in order to improve the appearance. However, the walls are not even and so:
  1. a strip of baseboard would meet the wall in some parts and not in others
  2. the quarterround would need to be more like 35%-a-round :biggrin: because it's not a tight 90-degree angle where the wall/floor meet

I'm wondering if there is anything commonly done in these kind of situations? Some kind of "padding" behind the baseboard/quarterround to smooth it up to the wall, or...? I don't really know what the solution might be.

Here are some pics to illustrate:

ratherbefishing 04-05-2012 12:59 PM

Is that base molding? Find one with a profile on the top and plain on the bottom to accept the shoe. Shoe molding is like 1/4 round, but taller vertically than it is thick. It flexes easier than 1/4 round.

Then caulk.

sublime2 04-05-2012 01:04 PM

Your going to paint the molding?
Put molding up use caulk to fill any gaps then paint.
Same color caulk as your going to paint.

AtlanticWBConst. 04-05-2012 01:38 PM

Grind down the concrete irregularities (with a grinder) and install baseboard using adhesives. Use heavy objects against the baseboard (areas where it may arch/bow-out) to push it against the concrete wall.
When adhesive is dry, apply caulking alond top edges to visibly fill gaps between concrete and baseboard.

AcaiBerry 04-06-2012 06:10 AM

how do you do
nothing else needs

woodworkbykirk 04-06-2012 03:05 PM

just as atlantic mentioned. only one other thing when you apply the construction adhesive push the piece of base to the wall the pull it away then restick it.. doing so will make the adhesive more tacky and give it more hold while it sets up

stubborn1 04-06-2012 06:14 PM

Instead of wood base, how about a 4" high vinyl base? It's flexible and will "adjust" to the contours and imperfections of the concrete. Cheap quick way to dress it up a little bit.

If it were me, I'd leave it alone as-is.

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