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brokie 01-21-2008 12:30 AM

Prefab or custom stairs?
Hello guys,

I'm currently building a new home for myself and the project is going to be ready for stairs in a few weeks. I want to go with a pro for those, the question is whether to go with prefab stairs or custom.

I've heard prefab stairs are almost fully assembled at the factory, are cheaper (which is nice), and only take about a day or two to be installed. The custom stair guy I'm considering takes measurements, makes the parts in his shop, then brings all the individual parts on site and puts them together. Still only takes about a day or two.

I was just wondering which option offers better build quality? If the prefab stairs are just as good as the custom than I'd be happy to save some cash. However I can see some problems with them also. The custom stair stringers are nailed directly to the wall so they are not going to go anywhere while I hear prefab stairs can sometimes come away from the wall when the house settles.

Could anyone give some insight?

robertcdf 01-21-2008 07:11 PM

When I was still framing 95% of the stairs were prefab (fully assembled) They drop them off and we would set them (10 minutes or less) The few times we had problems it was usually the shops fault and they would redo them right.
BTW these were on $400,000+ houses and they were usually speced for carpet.

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