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joetab24 08-11-2010 06:38 AM

positioning molding
have made some progress on learning how to fit the molding against the siding by practicing with a jigsaw and getting a feel for the tool. everything pictured is probably going to come down since it was more for practice, and I didn't have an 8' piece to work with. If I can clean this up and join two pieces I may keep it.

cut some of timbron molding for practice. these are 3 1/4 wide and tapered on the right side. don't have a nail gun so i will have to countersink all of the nails.

they look like this.

here is a larger view.

while doing this, one thing i realized i was not 100% sure of was the positioning of the molding. when i looked in my house, the tapered side of the molding is on the inside, so that is how i positioned the molding.

i found a picture of a door with two side windows, and i guess i am going to imitate this layout with the molding, not a 100% sure.


here is an earlier pic of what I have.

should I use the same molding on the 3 inches of wood on the left side of the door. if so, what direction should the tapered side of the molding go?

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