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hankjmatt 07-22-2009 07:48 PM

porch roof collum repair...
I have a small entrance roof which is held up ,in part, by wooden collums. Attached to the collums are posts and rails that attach to ground post.
One of the Roof posts has wet rot on the bottom. I've cleaned out the rot and applied a wood hardener and was going to repace the dameged portion with pressure treated wood and filler, but got to thinking that the better way to do this repair would be to cut out a piece of the collum and replace it adding a piece of pressure treated wood that would fill the entire cut out. My question is how to hold up the collum and the ajoining rails while I cut and put in the replacement piece? Can I simply use wood to brace it under the railings, both on the uper landing and under the stair railings or do I need to hold up the roof directly using a 2x4, etc.
thx :)

club penguin

Thurman 07-22-2009 08:07 PM

hankjmatt-I'm sure you would agree that a picture would be very helpful in this matter, but without one- -I'm a little confused as to bracing "under the railings, both on the upper landing and under the stair railings"? Is this a two story home with stairs leading to an upper floor? Even if it is, Yes you can brace the entrance roof so that you can repair the column(s) as necessary. BUT, I would not use just one 2 x 4 board to do so. Maybe two 2 x 4's nailed together and wedged in, one on each side of the existing column, even if it is a corner column. I have removed the complete columns for repair by proper bracing of the roof while the column is out. As far as using PT wood for the repair, that is up to you, I don't because PT wood around here shrinks a lot after a short time in this heat. Using a select grade of wood, good installation, along with proper priming and painting, and this repair will be hardly noticeable, and last a very long time. Please post a picture if you can and you will receive better advice I'm sure. Good Luck, David

hankjmatt 07-22-2009 08:41 PM

Thanks for your reply.
I will try it as you say. :)

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