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Wapmiasomey 12-22-2011 12:03 AM

Pooling water in shutoff
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So I just soldered in 2 new shutoffs straight out of the packages. I soldered with them open, then closed them after. After a couple days I noticed water pooling inside them. They have have never been turned on while the main was on. You can see dust on the water surface of one pic.

Are they both bad?


Bud Cline 12-22-2011 09:02 AM

Did you over-heat them and ruin the seals? Are you planning on soldering to them again to complete a circuit?

Wapmiasomey 12-22-2011 09:47 AM

Maybe I overheated them. It was my very first solder ever and I don't know. I do need to complete the circuit yet.

joecaption 12-22-2011 10:34 AM

I may be wrong but those look like tapered gas valves not ones made for water. A water ball valve would be just that a ball inside of it.

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