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joelq 04-01-2011 03:00 PM

Pool Stonework Repair
Hi all -

Wasn't sure exactly where to post this; I hope this is OK.

I have a flagstone overflow on my spa that has started separating from the mortar. Please see the pic below:

The issue is the top layer of flagstone. When the pool pump is off, water seeps through the underside of the stone.

Any suggestions for how to repair this? I'm pretty handy around the house, but have never done stone/concrete work. The following questions come to mind:

- what's the best way to completely detach the stone from mortar - I'm assuming the stone is still partially attached.
- once stone has been detached, how should I apply new mortar? Should I put fresh mortar over the old mortar? Or do I need to remove the old mortar? If so, how?
- how can I prevent this from happening again? Or is this problem common in these types of situations?
- any other issues/gotchas I'm not thinking of?


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