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meowingthings 09-01-2011 08:33 PM

Plastic Sheeting to cover a wall / ceiling
With the help of a friend I have framed and hung drywall for two new rooms in my basement. I have not hung the drywall on the backside of the wall, just the interior side.

Problem I have right now is my six year old daughter is afraid of how the basement ceiling and the exposed back wall looks. I intend to drywall the back wall and finish the ceiling but I am doing it piece by piece as I get the cash.

I am thinking of covering the backside of the walls with 6 mil plastic sheeting. I would either go with white sheeting or use clear and then add some cheap contact paper to give it some color. I would also like to do this to the ceiling as a short term fix.

Anyone have any experience with using sheeting as a temporary fix?

DrHicks 09-01-2011 10:20 PM

If the exposed studs are on the back side of the wall, why is it even being seen? And can't 6-year olds be reasoned with?

That said, you can hang about anything on the backside of that wall - including a big blue plastic tarp. But personally, I think that plastic looks "creepier" than bare studs.

Snav 09-01-2011 11:21 PM

Kids are wonderful, arent' they - forever making you spin your gears. :) I have 4 - been there, done that!

When I was a child I developed different strange phobias of various things like plumbing pipes and so on - walk by some exposed gas meter lines or plumbing fixtures in a parking lot and I'd shake with fear. This actually suck with me for years. I got over most things just with time but it wasn't until I had to start doing work on my own house that I completely got over issues. Once I learned what things were - what they did - why they looked that way - I was fine.

But that wasn't easy - my husband was deployed and my toilet wouldn't stop running. I let it go for 2 months before I asked my Mom to help me fix it - like a total idiot - she was there with me when I sopped water out of the tank. I was actually petrified but she was proud that I finally got past it.

Obviously I'm over all that seeing as how I've replaced all the plumbing fixtures in the house - including having done work on the septic pipes that collapsed last year.

So with my kids I always explain things - everything - to my kids so they fully understand what things are and why it looks that way. It satisfies curiosity and settles any nerves and I always answer questions and sometimes have them help me with this and that so there are no mysteries in life or the walls.

daveb1 09-02-2011 07:54 AM

I agree with all the answers already given, but maybe your daughter could be commissioned to supply some artwork to cover the walls with.

gregzoll 09-02-2011 08:12 AM

The problem lies, that if it becomes loose, and they are playing with it, they can suffocate if they trap their head inside of the sheathing.

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