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I was wondering >>Is paint the same as primer. And has anybody ever used Allure flooring


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sdsester, whats with the sarcastic attitude? No matter what I am going to do what I want to do regardless. I know what I am capable of doing, I just figured coming to this site I would find other more experienced GC that could give me a few pointers on what they did right or wrong on their first spec home project.

All I know is if one day I do become successful and I find someone either on this site or in the real world that needs help or advice with their first build, I will be willing to help out in any way I can because that is the type of person I am.
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ahb2012. I think you'll find that you are allowed to join over at CONTRACTORTALK.COM.

Make a few more post, and your PM ability will be enabled, PM Nathan. He is the Admin for the sites, he can tell you if you are allowed to join there or not.
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OK I refined my previous post (It was meant to help open his eyes)

As for ahb2012 you will need to really think about what you are doing and not start anything until you have a real budget. Right now you have the lot paid for, sit on it until you have an actual plan from start to finish.You do not need to buy house plans right away, you need to have a preliminary budget with all indirect and direct costs. You had better think of every detaii and expense all the way to final completion or you could loose everything. You need to have alittle left over in case it does not sell during construction, once you finish the house if it is not sold then you will have more costs that you will have to pay.
Good luck on a construction loan.
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Hate to necro an old post, but I ran across it while searching for other stuff and remembered I had an account here, from an older project.

ahb2012 (or anyone else), you've received a lot of exceptionally good advice here. It comes from decades and decades of real world experience and should be weighed heavily.

With that said, be mindful of the fact that basically anywhere you go, with a big idea in tow, you'll be told no. A some of this stuff requires a ton of thought and planning but then again, most of it isn't rocket surgery and is well within the capabilities of a healthy, enthusiastic man.

If you're a reasonably bright chap, skilled with handwork, understand how things go together and are able to problem solve, then you're halfway there. The other half is logistics and money.

I don't know where you're buying lots for $5K but if you're building in a depressed area, that's a bucket of snakes in and of itself, for a few different reasons. Then again, over the past few years, there have been some very, very weird deals on raw parcels so perhaps you just got a gem.

I'm always of the opinion that you should listen VERY carefully to naysayers, since they're usually going to be a lot closer to the truth than the Pollyannas. Still, with that said, never let them stand in your way if you do the math and decide that your plan is a go.

Good luck.
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your plan has been covered well by the guys here, listen to them, they know what they are talking about. my only advice to you is, dont assume your friends and family will help you for free. dont assume that because someone owes you, they will give you anything. i am nearing the end of my full house remodel and i am currently paying my own mother $200 a month to help me work on it 8 days a month. i even asked my sister to help, and she does but i have to pay her as well. everyone i knew told me they would help, but now that i need their help, they are too busy or dont want to help. so, dont just assume people will help, and dont take for granted that someone will help you just because they said they would. and for someone with no experience, i would take on a house flip before tackling a full new build. just my two cents.
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Here is my two cents, I think it would easier for you to enroll in carpentry program at your local technical college or try to find a job with a local builder. Building a house its not for beginners, it takes a lot skill and money. By the way where did you get the funds to buy the lot when you don't have a job? And what did you major in college? I major in building construction but could not find a job in my field so I took a job with the city as a Service Maintenance Worker. My point is you need to find any kind of job other than your field so you can pay down your debt. This may sound rue but no one will give you a loan to build a house without a decent job.
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My wife and I built our log house almost entirely by ourselves. We have over 40 years of DIY experience. What you want to do is admirable, but simply impossible for a beginner. Unless you hire a licensed general contractor who will guarantee completion of the house, you will NOT be able to get a construction loan. End of story.


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