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endless 05-01-2010 05:26 PM

plan for Cedar exterior
1985 multilevel house, Denver, cedar siding painted and cedar shake roof. We were told the roof would last 30 years but we have two small leaks, one near a chimney and one between a flat roof/porch and a skylight near a deteriorated wall of cedar siding

One preliminary suggestion: recaulk near those areas, try to "fix" leaks.

Another possiblity: replace too-small gutters which run over from top floor to middle floor to ground level and are another source of water near the leaks.

This requires some fascia/face board replacement, also they are up before the roof is replaced if we try this.

The siding is water damaged in several places, paint peeling, some split boards esp on south and west sides, shrunk boards on south and west side, some dry rot on corner fascia boards near gutters but not under eaves.

How do we assess condition of roof? Stay or go?

How do we assess condition of cedar siding boards? How much warrants total replacement, say with cement board siding versus repair/replaced damaged boards? We have to factor in the cost of prepping all the peeling paint because it was done poorly to begin with and won't adhere--why pay for that if the siding is more cost effectively replaced...

It's a big house. Is it cheaper to get one contractor or different ones? Can we repair/replace parts of siding and fascia, then replace gutters, then paint, then do roof later? Can we get matching cedar boards to stain/paint or not?

Help! I can do the paint prep and the painting but I only want to do it once in my lifetime....

tpolk 05-01-2010 06:39 PM

get roof walking done first then roof because you will be fixing broken shakes

kwikfishron 05-02-2010 07:56 AM

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Without being there or at least seeing some pictures nobody here can say “yes replace your roof and siding”.

You have 25 years on a 30 roof. Does it need to be replaced, maybe, maybe not.

Properly maintained painted ” cedar lap siding should last well beyond 25 years.

All the problems you listed are very typical. Chimneys and Skylights are notorious for leaks and after 25 years some flashing and/or sealant failing wouldn’t be uncommon.

Rotten fascia usually is caused by leaking gutters or the roofs drip edge not properly allowing all of the roof water to enter the gutter and instead water gets behind the gutter rotting the fascia.

That same water attacking the fascia can also run back in the soffits and down the wall causing some of your siding problems.

You said this is a large house but it sounds like to me the problems are fairly localized to a few specific issues and the damage they caused.

I would talk to Neighbors, Family, and Friends to find a few trusted Contractors, call a couple Roofing and Siding Contractors that can look at what you have first hand.

Get as many opinions as you can, then you can start making decisions.

As always, a few pictures here doesn’t hurt either.

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