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What ever

That is some bad wood rot, the problem with these sites is people can say what ever they want depending on however they feel that day, even if they are drunk. Even when you see photos of your lower sash falling off your double hung window doesn't tell the whole story.

my friend borrowed his dads $250,000 RV for a weekend family gathering in south dakota, he came back with a 3 foot tall scrape that went end for end on this rv. To me it looked like someone didn't know how to back up properly.

The story went, from the son-in-law's point of view, that an on coming car stepped out of the lane so to avoid the car they hit the gaurd rail.

So which story is more accurate, the truth would always be good. but the truth will never be told. so you have to assume something in the middle. What ever that story may look like.

But for insurance purposes, the latter sounds better.

Some people survive 40 years with no window problems, others don't even make it past 1 year. There are so many variables. Due diligence on all parties, manufacturer, sales, installer and home owner can only create a postive solution. Only one person needs to miss a step and it can all fall apart.

My friend owns a home with old aluminum sliders, every winter or fall he would have condensation dripping down his old windows. Sometimes he would have 1" thick ice on his windows. He goes out and knocks a window and wall out and puts in a pella patio door. top of the line fully loaded, as it goes out onto his deck with a nice view. the first fall and winter comes along and his pella door was frozen shut. So know he is pissed off. Pella sucks in his mind.

I laughed, i finally told him are you seriously being stupid or stupidly being serious. For the past 10 years you have being scraping ice off your windows and you put in a patio door and expect what?! that a Porshe engine will make your pinto fater. Probably until you take your first corner with your ****ty 12" rims and delaminating tires.

A high end window or door doesn't fix problems or hide them, in fact it may only may them worse. There was no condensation on the Pella glass just the wheather stripping.(you think he would be thankful for that) So I told him you have to stop canning your own vegtables, stewing large pots of soup, making pickled eggs and showering excessivly or fix the humidity controls of your home. whether its the envelope or furnace or attic, whatever.

The bottom line is, if you expect people on these chat lines to fix the problem you will never get anything done. Most the time people want to hear the easy fix. If i piss the guy off in a drive thru, he just might spit in my fries. If say thank you, he might just give me extra fries.


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Pella windows suck

The numerous problems we have had and continue to have with our Pella windows began before we even moved into our new home in August of 2006. The windows were very hard to open and close, some so bad that someone elderly would not have been able to open and close them at all. We contacted VerHalen, which is where we purchased the windows, and they promptly sent a repair man. He examined the windows and measured the openings and said the windows were installed properly and replaced the springs on the windows with the problem. The repair man commented that others had the same problems on the taller windows, which is the style of the majority of the windows we had purchased. While it did improve some of them, others remain very difficult to open and close.

We also had problems with the locks on the double hung windows. The top sash drops down when the lower sash of the window is open and we could not get the lock to engage. A repair man from VerHalen came out and said this was also a problem. I believe he said he could adjust the springs but it would again make the windows hard to open and close. So he showed me how to take a putty knife, wrap it with a cloth, and use it to “pry” up the top sash while turning the lock. Pella did design a new lock and all of the locks were replaced. The lock is designed with a point which grabs the other half of the lock and helps to push up the upper sash. It did help the matter, but some windows still drop down to far, so we keep the putty knife handy. This should not have to be done, as it creates a large possibility for damaging the wood.

We also continue to have a problem with noise. To the best we can conclude, it seems to initiate from the grilles in between the panes as they “rattle” on windy days. Again, Ver Halen sent out a repair person to take a look. We had already taken off screens prior to them coming out and that was not the source. They tried to tell us it was our soffit, but when they were there, we took out the grilles and the noise stopped. So they sent out two repair men and again, as for previous visits, I had to take a day off of work for them to come. They went around on all of the windows and placed plastic strips over the weep holes in between the panes to stop the air from infiltrating. That did not help and the wind actually blows out the strips at times. They came back, (another day of vacation required) and placed what looked like electrical tape over the plastic strips, and that did not work. So it was suggested to remove the grilles which would totally change the look that we desire and was an absurd suggestion.

We were told others had the same problem and another solution of rubber bumpers was suggested for the grilles, but it was tried at another location and did not work. As you can see by the e-mails, the issue was not resolved after we dealt directly with Pella engineers, who seemed to come up short on a solution as they finally stopped returning our calls.

The worst and most serious issue is the frost. The frost does not form on the glass at all. Frost forms where the screws hold the plastic side jams. It forms on the wood. It forms where the bottom sash meets the sill that is not sealed properly.. It forms where the two sashes meet. It forms where the top sash meets the top of the window. And it also forms on the casements. We have dealt with Ver Halen and Pella both and neither has found a way to fix the noise or frost problems. There is a serious problem with air infiltration on these so called “Energy Star” windows.

We had storm windows custom made late last winter at our own cost. While we did not get them until after the very cold spells that we experience the worst frost, it did seem to cut down on the frost and the noise. However, we would not know the total effects or possible benefit for sure until we come up on very cold days next winter.

Pella has agreed to pay for storm windows for the entire house, however as you can see by the e-mails, they want us to sign a release. We feel strongly that we should not have to sign an anything. While storm windows may help to better the problem, we built this house to be as maintenance free as possible and the necessity for storms on so called “Energy Star” windows does not fit into the maintenance free category. We have about 40 windows, some of them large and believe me just the few we did buy were a hassle to take off this spring. Storms would also create 40 more windows to wash and put back on in the fall. And as we get older, the task will get even harder. We just finished installing the storms that we did purchase, and those few alone are a lot of extra work. We did not sign up for this when we bought our “Energy Star” windows. When asked if they offered screen/storms when window shopping, we were told the windows were so efficient that Pella does not make them, because they would not be needed.

We are not engineers but can see that these windows are not properly constructed to keep out the cold winter air. There is no insulation at all behind the plastic side jams, allowing cold air to flow right into the house. As we sit next to the windows in our office while attempting to work at our desks, we do actually feel the cold air and have to move away from the window. The draft that comes in where the sashes meet has actually blown out a lighter. The frost gets so bad, it is damaging the wood on the window sills and also causes mold to build up on the wood which is also damaging the wood.

We have been patiently working with both Pella and VerHalen for nearly 4 years now and they have not fixed the problems. While I no complaints about VerHalen’s customer service as they were continuing to communicate with us, I am not happy with Pella as the person we were communicating with just stopped doing so. We made a final attempt to resolve the issue with the letters dated 8/12/09 and 9/8/09. We are aware of others in our area with the frost problems with their Pella windows. At this point we are so terribly frustrated, angry, disgusted and fed up that we feel we should get a full refund for the cost of the windows and Pella should pay for the cost to install new windows that are truly “Energy Star” windows

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Pella Window Failure

We would love to talk to you as we are having the very same issues on windows that were purchased in 2009. Our email is We will call you or just talk over the net, which ever you wish.

Thank you,
Sharron and Greg McKee
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Originally Posted by snowman72 View Post
This past winter we had a serious frost problem on our 4 year old Pella windows, both casement and double-hung. It shouldn't be a humidity problem, we have a whole house Ultra-Aire dehumidifer which keep the RH around 28% in the winter. Indoor Temp around 69 degrees.

The problem starts when the outside temp drops below 5-10 degrees. Unfortunantly we are the 2nd owners of the 4 year old house and Pella's Window warranty only covers the original owners according to their website. I attached a few pictures of the problem. Our local heating and colding guys say it's the windows. Does anyone have any advice? Matt - NE Iowa

I am in nw iowa and it looks like you have the same windows i do, and i have the same problem
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Pella Frost on windows

We also made the mistake of purchasing Pella Architect Double Hung windows. We have frost, rain comes in through the sills, and many of the windows we can't even open our windows. It would be nice to talk to you as we also live in Moravia, Iowa. We have a youtube video about our house posted. you need to go to and search for Pella window problems. Our window story is usually the first or second page. Please contact us at 515-491-2217. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
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Instead of hijacking this poor homeowner's question, why don't EMILY P and HOMESEALED start up their own 'grudge thread'? I'd love to read it.
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>>> Am I the only one who noticed the screens were on in those pics?! Why...that does hinder airflow slightly at the corners.

I'm so glad I've got Andersen crank-out style windows! Sorry...I don't know how to check what "style/series" they are?!

Our bi-level is 15y/o, and in Fargo, gets D@MN cold. Right now it's only-5F. We usually get a few nights of -20 or so...with an occasional -30!*
* We DO leave shades open a lot though.
* Home is seamless steel-sided, built by a reputable builder; 2x6 exterior walls.
* We do see SOME condensation/freezing at the corners, but usually only shows up below ZERO...and not to the extent of the OP's windows.
* We do get some hellacious rains though, high-humidity on occasion...dew-points over 70..ugggh.
* With the climate extremes up here...I'm a fan of Andersen!!!
* We have actually been to -30 and 100+....IN THE SAME YEAR.

Doesn't EVERY type of window experience some of this though??!?!
....and least where it's REAL winter anyway!?

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Don't buy Pella Windows

We also have frost problems. Pella does not stand behind their products. Please contact me at gsmckee0740 at aol dot com. I would love to talk to you about your Pella windows that are not functioning properly. We have frost inside our home during the winter along with snow that comes in through our windows. We also have black mold and mushrooms growing inside our home during the summer from all the water that our windows allow to come inside our home. We have been homeless since the fall of 2009 because we are not able to finish our home because of this problem. Pella has already re-manufactured our windows once. Yes we installed 49 new Pella Architect Series double hung douglas fir windows in October 2009. Pella re-manufactured them again in February 2010. They installed all but 21, of the 2nd set. They left 21 stacked inside our garage. The 2nd set installed in February 2010 leak just as badly or worse than the first set installed in October 2009. In January 2011, Pella sent a team of 4 men to our home. These men told us that Pella would manufacture a 3rd set and install them by the end of February 2011. It is now July 7, 2011 and we have not seen a single 3rd set of windows. If you are totally confused, just imagine our lives. We are homeless. Our neighbors have taken us in. We trusted Pella. They are a large well known window company. We are Christians and just trusted that this company, from a well known Christian community in Pella Iowa, would be honest. We are living proof that this is an exceptionally dishonest company.

Please purchase your windows from a different company. Your family deserves to have a home. We are so thankful that our neighbors are willing for us to live in their home or we would be on the streets. We filmed our home and posted the video on Youtube. If you want to verify what I am saying look for yourself. You can find our contact information on that video. It is usually the first one that comes up when you search Pella window problems on Youtube. We live in Moravia Iowa, only 40 minutes from Pella Iowa. If we can't get Pella to stand behind their product, you won't be able to either.

We have heard from hundreds of families, since we posted the video, that are in the same position we find our family. There are hundreds of families in the USA that have terrible mold problems and other issues caused by the poor quality Pella windows that their families so honestly purchased for their homes. Please, we beg you, do not purchase Pella windows or doors. Pella will not stand behind their product. If you would like to speak to us, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you with our phone number.


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