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That's where neighbors come into play.

I have great neighbors. 4 weeks ago I asked a seamless gutter/spouting guy to stop and get measurements for a quote. My neighbor, in this rural town, met him out back. Asked a couple questions and called me on my cell.
I forgot to tell the neighbor what I had planned and he was doing what we all agreed to do. He would have dialed the Police first if he was concerned but felt he needed my input on this one first.

Nothing can beat a good neighborhood watch. I'm happy that not much gets by folks around here.


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Originally Posted by Shamus View Post
That's where neighbors come into play.
I agree. If my alarm started screaming and i didn't have monitoring, not only would (at least) one of my neighbors call the police, but more than likely one of my neighbors would be standing in my front yard to see if there was a problem, long before the police even had time to think about dispatching someone. I live in a small town with a very limited police force. the police in my town give house alarms VERY low priority. Not going to get any better with even more budget cuts.....
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Great advice and i do get along with most of my neighbors and the ones i don't get along with, well they are nosey enough that if someone other than me was at my house, they would be watching My next door neighbor and myself both excerise the tight to bear arms so i do feel my house is protected even when i am not there but would still like to monitor it remotely if for no other reason than some new gadget to have.
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I am going to chime in here on the topic.
I have a monitored Security System here as well, actually two, one for my Garage, one for the House.
It costs me about $24.00/month, plus a permit from the City once a year, that is $20, I think.
Police response is very fast around here, we are talking about 2-3 minutes tops. And I donít live in a bad Neighborhood.
I do own my own Computer Network Consulting Business, so I installed my own Camera System. I started out with the Lorex System (Costco) which is good for Beginners, the Cams were all at or around 420 TVL. Junk, if you ask me.
So first I updated all 8 Cameras to some 700 TVL Cams, now we are talking. Details are now visible, Faces recognized, etc. Night vision is excellent.
The Lorex DVR, which I upgraded to 2 TB Storage, quit after 2 years. Bummer, the warranty just ran out.
So I bought this one from EBay, the Seller is a very professional Man who can answer all of your Questions, actually follows up with you if you have more Questions.
I bought several DVRís from him and dozens of Cameras for my Customers.
My new DVR can be upgraded to 8 Hard Drives, right now I just have two in there, works fine with me.
Tons of Storage at highest settings on all Cams.
About the Camera monitoring:
You will need either a Static IP Address that you can dial into, or, if you like most of us on a dynamic connection, get an account with
This Account is no longer free, so be prepared to shell out $20/year or so. This Service will translate your Dynamic IP Address into a Name that you choose, as soon as it changes. Well worth it, youíll get 30 different Names, share them with your Friends if you want to give some away.
So for example, instead of being your Public IP, it will be something like
The free Dyndns -updater runs on one of your Computers and will report the IP change immediately, so you can always dial into your DVR from anywhere in the world.
Not so fast:
You first have to set the internal IP Address of your DVR to static, then open some Ports on your Router to forward the requests to your DVR.
Most DVRís use port 7000 or 9000, some 37778 and 80 for Web connections with your Laptop or Computer, and then port 18004 and 8888 for your Android phone or whatever you have.
Some frustrated users always report problems with IE 9, 10 or Firefox, because they canít connect because their Browser security settings are not configured to download and install unsigned ActiveX modules. Easily fixed by adjusting the Security settings in IEís Tools>Internet options> Security Tab, choose Custom Level, and check the appropriate ActiveX settings.
Sorry about the long post.
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I don't have any direct experience with them or know how effective they might be, but there are motion sensors designed for people with pets. They will not detect motion occurring at or near floor level, where pets would roam.

We have had monitored security systems in five or six of our homes over the years. For the most part, they are far more trouble than they are worth, especially with kids in the house. We never, not once, had a real alarm; every single one was accidental. If you have kids, you must be certain they all understand how the system works, what to do if it goes off, and what to say when the monitoring company calls. No response, a garbled response, or an incorrect response will guarantee a visit from the police and probably an ambulance too. That happened to us once. And some places will fine you for too many false alarms.
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hey, guys! sorry it's only now that I bumped into this web site!
Lots of interesting and useful info!
As for me, I just accomplished my home video surveillance system. I chose a couple of Samsung cams and Xeoma software. I'm still on a trial version, but am concidering buying a lisence.
I have no problems with the software so far, but maybe anybody else is using Xeoma and has something to tell?
I'll appreciate any info! Thank you in advance!


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