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No gutter apron available in North Georgia?!!?

I am about to reroof my house. I have researched this project for about a month and it has been a real eye opener . My old roofer did not include gutter apron or drip edges, and didn't say anything about needing them.

This time I would like to add both, but in North Georgia I can't find a building supply company that offers gutter apron. I have called and asked many besides the big box stores, but no one has any. Should I just use a drip edge as a gutter apron?

I had planned on replacing all the wooden fascia board with PVC. Is that a good idea? Has anyone had positive or negative experiences with PVC. I thought I would use either a scarf-joint with biscuits and PVC glue or a lap-joint with PVC glue. Do either of those thoughts raise anyone's fur?

Thank you in advance.


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Drip edge will work just fine. That is what I use. Sometimes a different profile needs to be used. That is rare.

Is there something wrong with the fascia now?


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Originally Posted by Leftyho View Post
Is there something wrong with the fascia now?
Thanks for the info. Yes the fascia behind sections of the gutter has rotted and also the joints have pulled apart and what is left of the fascia is begining to get a nice twist to it.
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What part of N. GA. please? Rotted fascia behind gutters are not uncommon in Ga. period, as most gutters are not cleaned as they should be, crap builds up in them and they overflow- -backwards onto the fascia boards. Joints pulling apart and the fascia boards twisting on a house in Ga. lead me to believe someone used PT boards for fascia, which really is not a good thing to do. Some believe that using PT will have the fascia boards tend to not rot out at all, not exactly true, but this creates another problem. Most of the PT lumber in GA. is PT southern pine, and is shipped as soon as it comes out of the treating kiln. We have a huge one here in Albany, and I see the many truckloads rolling every day. Once the lumber is bought, delivered to the job site, and installed, THEN it starts to dry out. As it dries out, it begins to shrink and warp under our wonderful GA. heat, whether N. Ga. or S. Ga. Ask me how I know this to be fact, I do! Go buy a piece of PT lumber anywhere in Ga., or even Alabama, drive a nail in it out in the parking lot of the store and observe the stuff that oozes out of the lumber, it's the treatment material, it's still wet with it. As far as gutter apron or drip edge, I have not seen gutter apron in years around here. We use drip edge UNLESS you have decorative trim attached to your fascia boards just under the shingles, such as rake molding, or dental molding, then we don't use any drip edge. This take into consideration extra painting steps to help prevent rot on the molding. So, FlyNake- -unless you have decorative molding on your fascia boards, I would use drip edge, good primer and paint, and hope for the best. Good Luck, David
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"We use drip edge, not gutter apron around here"

"Rotten fascia boards are very common around here"

Am I the only one seeing the connection?

Drip edge does not (usually) extend down into the gutter, but ends above it, or behind it. So... if it does not function as intended due to improper installation, wind, or whatever water can stick to it and seep back down between the gutter and fascia board where it doesn't dry quickly, and rots the wood.

I would consider 4" corner flashing if you can't find gutter apron. In the Atlanta area home depot carries unpainted drip edge @ 52/foot but it's galvanized, so I'm a bit worried about that in combination with aluminum gutters.
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