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Eike 03-17-2008 12:51 PM

Newcomer needs help with tile problem
Hello, all. I've been browsing the forum and it looks like there is lots of expertise here. I'm hoping you can help me solve a problem with some porcelain tile I just had installed in my bathroom. I realize this is the intro thread, but wasn't sure which area to post my question in. Any advice welcome. Here's the situation:

I purchased porcelain tile at Expo (the high-end Home Depot retailer) that looks like travertine. Very pretty, and surprisingly inexpensive--only $1.50 a square foot, which should have been the tip-off. I noticed a faint grid pattern on the surface of the tile that matched the bottom, as if it had gotten an impression from the tile that was stacked on top of it. The salesman said it would wash right off, and it wasn't marked as irregular or "as is." I had the contractor install it in my bathroom, and now I've discovered I can't get that grid pattern off, no matter what I try. I went back to Expo and they said a grout haze remover (glycolic acid) would do the trick. It didn't. I tried scrubbing with a towel, a brush, a scrubber pad--as soon as the tile dries, the image is back. You see it only in certain light, but now that I know it's there, it's driving me crazy. Has anyone encountered this? Any ideas? I would be very grateful.

Ron6519 03-17-2008 05:52 PM

This pattern, is it raised above, below or at the tile surface?
In the future, don't believe anything anyone in a Borg store says and remove the issue with the tile before you install it. If you can't, it's easy to just return it. But you already know that now.

Bud Cline 03-17-2008 06:27 PM

"Road Shimmy"

What you are seeing is the impression of the other tiles riding on top of the tiles without any protection between the slabs during shipment, hence "Road Shimmy". That stuff probably came all the way from China.

You can fix it however.

Not being able to see it I can't make a great suggestion from here but if you will use a palm sander and a 100 grit sandpaper you can sand the marks away. Test this on a piece of scrap first to determine which sand paper grit is most suited for the job.:)

There's a little more to it than that, but that will get your mind working.:)

Eike 03-18-2008 09:04 AM

Thanks for the info on the tile marks
Thanks very much for the replies, guys. The marks don't seem to be raised or below the surface of the tiles. It's more like you put something down on wet paint then took it off, and it took the paint in that area with it. It is definitely from the tiles that were stacked on top. I will try your suggestions and let you know.

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