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JefeTato 05-18-2013 08:39 AM

New to the Group--wood sculpture finish
I am Tato. I started woodcarving approximately 4-5 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed what tends to come out of the wood. I keep hearing from friends and family that I should exhibit my pieces but for now I guess I do not consider myself ready for this next step.

I need you guys expertise. I am finishing up a wood sculpture and the back side has a natural weathered look appearance that I want to keep. How do I keep it like this?

oh'mike 05-18-2013 06:54 PM

Welcome--I moved your thread and added to the title---

As to keeping the weather wood looking as it does---experiment with clear water based poly---

any oil will darken the wood a lot--hope you have some scrap to practice on---Mike----

user1007 05-18-2013 08:32 PM

If it is a smooth or at least "buffable" surface and you do not want to seal it with an acrylic poly, you could seal it with a clear crystalline wax product. Something like Carnuba might shift the color like an oil based urethane would. With wax, you can add layers and buff to the sheen you want. This stuff will yield super high gloss finish if you want it! Just build it up slowly and don't heap it on. "Wax on wax off Daniel-san."

In the gallery world we used a lot of a product called Reneissance Wax on pieces sold to clients and even metal pieces placed outdoors. A friend who makes high-end studio furniture and sells it for $$$$ uses it as the final finish on his pieces. You do have to keep applying wax twice a year or more outside though. This product is also used internationally by top museums, restorers, antique dealers, etc. It is not cheap but stretches out quite a bit.

The product is out of the UK but there is a US distributor. You may be able to find it through Google shopping or Amazon too. A real woodworking supplier may have it or alternatives also. Some auto restoration waxes might work but watch for petroleum solvents or abrasives.
Where are you by the way. You might want to update your profile with basic geographic information. And why not post a picture of your piece? The gallery world is recovering from this terrible recession. And one of the auction houses sold paintings and things last week for all time high amounts. Maybe you should listen to your family and put some images together for gallery reaction?

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