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travisdavis 11-19-2012 12:00 PM

need help upstairs tub/shower is leaking into downstairs kitchen
Just recently bought first home. Upstairs shower gas been used only a handful of times but today it started to leak. Was planning on doing some demo up there anyways but wasn't at the top of the list...what should I do to troubleshoot the leak I am good with my hands but don't have much plumbing experience

oh'mike 11-19-2012 12:15 PM

Here are the most common tub/shower leaks--

Water on the floor from curtain or tub door

Leaking shower arm---remove valve cover plate for valve and look in the hole---

Leaking gasket at tub over flow---over fill the tub to check---silicone caulk and tighter screws to fix--

Tub spout leaking out the back and squirting into wall----replace spout---

Leaking valve/mixer cover plate---tighten and caulk the top of the cover only.

Leaking mixer valve---remove cover and look---

Leaking drain set--P-trap---or old barrel trap cover ---open up the ceiling under the tub and look--

A snake camera is handy when trouble shooting----a wad of paper towels on the end of a wire also works---

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