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cnn7 04-18-2010 04:12 PM

need to fix the foundation on this slab garage
We are buying this home not there yet. But it's truly a fixer upper. One project I have on the list of many is this garage. It leans a little. The lip the 2 x 6 sits on from what I can see rolled out wards on both sides and only on the end the doors are at. Doors on south end. south and north look good. But the west and east sides not so. Though they are ok as you get close to the north end. as you move to the south end the sides have rolled outward and the garage leans to the east a little. I was thinking of Jacking the garage up and tring to repair or replace that section. is there anyone with an ideal ? I have plenty of photos of the garage, here are 3 of them. Money is a big issue. though the garage looks rough I know sideing and shingles would make it look 100% better for the neighborhood.

Front or south side

This is the west side. It's rooled over really bad here.

This is the east wall with a little tilt to it.

Thanks in advance :>) :)

Scuba_Dave 04-18-2010 06:29 PM

Where are you located ?

You would need to jack it up, fully support it
Work on one side at a time
But you don't want the whole thing to collapse, so you need everything supported/braced
I'd be real concerned with this collapsing

Dig out (part of) one side, put down some gravel etc depending upon your location
Then pour new cement, ideally you want a min of 8" between the wood & ground

jklingel 04-19-2010 01:34 AM

What is the building worth? An option may be to disassemble it carefully, and re-use what you can in a new garage. Once the building is out of the way, put in a proper foundation and start over. Tough call, but sometimes putting a bunch of money and time into an old building is less than ideal. Good luck w/ 'er, though. j

cnn7 04-20-2010 05:11 PM

Live in Dewitt Iowa Now, But moving to that house in a few months We hope. We plan on throwing up a 24 x 24 closer to the house. But when you spend $10K for a garage I really like to save this one also. But we'll see if it turns out to be a money pit I'll throw in the towel before I go broke on it.:thumbup:

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