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My old barn roof collapsed

Not sure were to put this in topics. I was looking it up in Google, to get some info or feedback, and found the "Contractors" forum, but since I'm not a Contractor, I was directed here. It looks like a great forum, with plenty of ideas and help (if needed).
I am a grandmother (on Social Security) and don't have a lot of money for home repairs and upkeep and can't do too much myself. I live in northern VT.
I have an old (big) barn. At one time, in the 60's or so, before we bought this house in 1997, it was a dairy barn. It hasn't been in good shape, and I kept thinking "I should do something with it before it falls down". But, it was also good for storage and keeping my firewood out of the weather, etc. There was no loft (2nd story) but had been one, at one time (was a hay pully assembly on the top side) you could just look up (high) to the roof, which had sheets of tin (corrigated) on the outside, and big beams (and bracing beams someone had once put in) in the inside. Like a skeleten.
Yesterday afternoon, the roof of the barn collapsed. We've had a lot of snow lately and one night it was thundering/lightning and pouring rain for awhile (on the snow) Usuallly at some point the snow would slide off the barn roof but hadn't this time.
It just fell in (loud, rumbling, like a lot of snow falling off a roof only worse. I was in the house next to it and first thought we are having an earthquake) the roof, beams, etc is now inside the barn, with one side of the barn broken open. Most of it went inside (like imploding) and thankfully, didn't fall over into the road on the other side of it.
I know there are people who buy barnwood, but looking online, doesn't seem like they do if it's fallen in. And, it would be a lot of work and maybe dangerous to take the barn down the rest of the way.
I wrote to someone who had an ad on Craiglist, wanting old barnwood and beams, but no answer (it wasn't close) And, it didn't sound like a company that does this (and would be insured and have equipment, etc)
Im not sure, but seems like now the roof has fallen in, it might be okay for awhile. And, it looks like if it does fall over, it would go away from the road. I don't know what happens if a barn falls into the road (it's only a small side road) I have no money to pay someone to remove it.
What I think I need is to find someone who would come and take it down for the materials. There are (were, and maybe still some) huge sqare beams, old wood, and the outside (still standing) has reddish "barnboard" that is old but good. Seems like it would be worth it to have it removed.
Does anyone have any ideas? Links to people who buy barnwood? How far do they come? I have heard one can get a lot of money for old barnboard, but at the same time, this isn't in good shape (and one piece) and seems like a lot of work just to dismantle the rest (safely) and move it all. And,how do I know if the place is reputable?
I've been looking at ads in our local papers, and asking around, but this is a small population, rural area. I have the internet but can't seem to find anything (as of now).
Thanks for listening...
I just don't know what to do, where to start with this. I've never had a barn roof collapse before (LOL) Maybe it will all work out at some point.


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This happened to a neighboring old barn once. The homeowners donated it the the local volunteer fire dept who were happy to light it on fire for training purposes and practiced firefighting. This took care of the majority of debris from that old barn. Unless you are able to find someone to tear it down for the material and yes, it would probably be more labor than it is worth, this might be a possibility.


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Fair warning, I have heard that the folks who buy barn wood are notorious for picking and choosing the good pieces and leaving a mess for the owner to clean up after they are done.
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Thanks for the feedback. I don't know about the fire deptment, I never thought of that. We do have a volunteer one. The barn is quite near the house and LP gas tank (but I suppose real fires aren't picky about where they are). I'm hoping something will come along. I've seen ads where they come and buy (they say) the barn and clean it all up, too. But, who knows if they really do.
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As I was reading the op, I had the same thought as Jim.
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Be very careful inviting anyone to remove wood as you alone are liable. Call your H.O. Insurance carrier and file a claim, go from there......



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