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mold testing

1. how can you tell who is reputable?

2. If there is water damage to a floor in 1 room, do they need to test the entire 1 floor home (as they are saying?) or just that 1 room?

3. What is usual costs per sample? they are quoting me $75 per air sample and then $400 on top for their recommendations.

4. I've read somewhere also that air samples are not recommended. Shouldn't they just test the floor that has water damage?



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Where did the water come from?
How long was the water there before it was addressed?
Odd that water would stay in one location unless there wasn't too much to begin with.
What kind of floor was damaged?
Mold spores can migrate with a slight breeze. Spores on the floor can be sent airborne by walking through the room.
So, dispersed easily.
If a cleanup was done quickly, there would be no mold growth. So the water sat for a good amount of time or the cleanup was inadequate.
Or both.
These questions you ask, should have been asked during the interview process. Calling in a few companies would have given you the opportunity to compare methodologies.
While youre waiting for responses, do a search for mold companies on the web to see if their web sites give you an idea what they do and how they do it.
I've repaired water damaged houses here and there and haven't seen too many mold issues from acute water issues, such as broken pipes or over flowing tubs, because the insurance company had sent in a crew to remove all the water damaged material and had driers to clear the house of moisture.
One customer had a small leak through a shower wall that worked it's way through 3 rooms and 2 levels before finally showing itself. The mold guys were there for almost a week pulling down walls and ceilings, playing "Where's Waldo" with the mold.


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Mold!! Let's kill it!
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Ron raises some valid points. How much water damage? Where is it located? How long was it present? Did anyone do a moisture test? What types of materials are effected? What was the water source? Clean water or dirty? If dirty, there is a whole new dimension to the problem. There are several ways to test for molds. The most important is plain old eyesight. Can you see mold, discoloration or dampened areas? Then use your nose. Can you smell anything musty? Next is to test for moisture content. Moisture sampling should be done in several locations and readings compared. Anything over 60% should be considered suspect, but any area that measures higher than background normal should be investigated. Air sampling is a good method if done properly. Air samples need to be taken in several locations including outside. The reason is to determine first, if spore levels are higher inside than outside. Second, by taking samples at various locations, it is possible to determine if one area may have an active mold colony that is producing higher than average spore counts. Make sure the lab is specifically testing for molds and not just doing particle counts. Make sure the lab is equipped to culture molds from test samples. Ask for their testing protocols. Ask what indicator molds they test for in their samples. Pricing for tests varies from place to place and by test method. One thing to avoid is the do-it-yourself test kits from the box stores. They will find mold in a clean room.
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