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b_corwin 09-19-2009 10:21 AM

mold in crawlspace on dirt
My house is a two story with a daylight basement. There is no proper crawlspace so to speak, but behind my downstairs utility closet there is an opening that goes sort of under the upper level. This area is just framed in but the ground is just a dirt slope. The area is about 5-7 feet in depth and maybe 20 feet wide.

I am in the Seattle area, so we do have some moisture periodically... I went down there this morning and noticed there appears to be some white colored mold growing off the exposed dirt, theres even a mushroom. I am curious as to what to do to remedy this situation. I would imagine I could just spray the area with bleach but what do I do to fix the problem long term. There is a single vent in the area that goes to the outside. Perhaps adding more ventilation would help? Could I cover the dirt with some sort of vapor barrier?

Any and all help is much appreciated.


Scuba_Dave 09-19-2009 10:55 AM

Yes - vapor barrier is the way to go
There should be heavy duty plastic as a vapor barrier over the dirt
I'm not sure on exact thickness

Gary in WA 09-19-2009 01:29 PM

6 mill. minimum black plastic:
This on ventilation in crawl space: Figure 22 and 23, towards the end of article: Welcome to the forum, neighbor! I'm in Tacoma.

10% beach/water solution, don't eat the mushrooms!
Be safe, Gary

b_corwin 09-19-2009 07:54 PM

thanks guys much obliged. Hi Gbr, Im in north seattle. Thanks for the welcome.

My take away from all the info is that I need to improve my ventilation down in this area, and bleach it and throw down some plastic from lowes.

good to know it sounds easy.


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