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Mold on bathroom walls

I have mold at the top of the walls in my second bathroom, my kids refuse to take anything but scalding showers which produces steam and humidity. I have a 50 CFM exhaust fan and they turn it on when showering. How can I stop this problem? HELP please...


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Since you can't do anything about the recurring humidity in there, you can control it between showers with a dehumidifier. That will help, but you'll still continue to grow mold so you will have to resign yourself to a regular regimen of treating it.

There are as many ways to treat mold as there are people treating it, but here's one basic solution:
Use a detergent solution (household dish or laundry det is just fine but don't use too much) to wipe as much visible mold off of the walls as possible, then use a 10% to 50% bleach solution to treat the areas where it was growing. Give it 24 hours to dry completely with good ventilation (use the dehumidifier too if at all possible), then apply a moldicidal coating like M1 Sure-Cote or Concrobium. Allow to dry completely again. The regular showers will most likely wash the coating off faster than usual but they will still help. Don't forget to check the inside of your exhaust fan and duct... you're probably growing a pretty good colony inside there too.


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Leave the curtain or shower door opened after taking a shower. Closing them restricts air circulation. The faster the area dries, the less chance for mold to appear.
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Repaint the bathroom walls and especially the ceiling with a paint meant for bathrooms, like Zinsser's PermaWhite Bathroom paint (available at most home centers).

Paints made expecially for bathrooms will have mildewcides added to them which kill mildew spores that land on the paint before they have a chance to grow. That keeps the painted walls and ceilings in your bathroom mildew free for many years.

Zinsser warranties their PermaWhite Bathroom paint will keep your bathroom's painted surfaces free of mildew for 5 years. However, I am using it in 21 bathrooms in my apartment block, and can assure you that it lasts a lot longer than 5 years. If you have mildew growing on your bathroom only 5 years after repainting with PermaWhite, then you got a defective can of paint. Also, that 5 year warranty applies only if you apply two coats. You don't need to apply two coats. One coat will last you 15+ years.
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Mold in bathroom walls

Keeping the bathroom dry should be the first point in your mold cleaning regimen. Steam and regular use of water make bathrooms humid and damp. It is difficult to make the place dry. Use a fan this is an easy way to dry off bathrooms. You can also use portable dehumidifier.
Now, when you are leaving house for a couple of days, you can keep a small window open so that air can flow in and out. However, make sure keeping the bathroom window open is not risky from any other perspective Molds prefer dark places. So keep the lights on at least when the floors are moist and reduce mold growth.Though the time is for energy saving, turn a low-powered light on in your bathrooms when you are out for long.
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All good advice - I would add - That moisture will condense on cold walls more readily than warm walls. If you have access to an attic above I would check that your ceiling is properly insulated above the walls. Also I like to use a semi-gloss paint not a flat on moisture prone walls. Its less likely to hold mold and is easier to clean.
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Well. You have experience and that is very gelious of you that you can share it with us


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