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99miles 08-15-2009 06:29 PM

Mold around bathroom tub
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I recently discovered that there was mold behind the plastic shower surround.
I decided I'd take the opportunity to tile around the tub, so this morning I ripped off the surround and cut out the drywall in the appropriate places. The mold was around most of the tub. I have a few questions.

1) There is little bit of mold on one of the studs (see photo). From searching, it sounds like it'll be okay if I spray/scrub it with a mixture of bleach and water. Does that sound right?

2) I think I'm just being ultra-paranoid but it also sounds like this mold can lead to dry rot in the wall. I don't see anything obvious, but I wanted to ask anyway just to cover all my bases.

3) There is a door next to the tub (see photo). I cut the drywall an inch from the door moulding, where I was going to overlap the tile. But, just above the tub, there is mold on the drywall that goes behind that door moulding. I can't exactly get that part of the drywall out without taking off the door and a piece of the moulding. Is that something I should do, or will it simply die off if I spray it with the bleach/water mixture?


Bud Cline 08-15-2009 06:51 PM

Bleach-water is a home remedy for killing that type of mold. Some will tell you it doesn't work but it in fact does very well. Takes about thirty minutes to see it all dissappear. Once you kill the mold and rid yourself of the source it won't likely return unless you create a new support system for a new mold farm.:)

If you will put the bleach water in a pump spray you can get it behind that area you can't get to. I use a flower-misting type pump spray bottle from WalMart.:)

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