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Poll: Best mold abatement product? Most effective and most non-toxic to humans.
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Best mold abatement product? Most effective and most non-toxic to humans.

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Mold abatement products information request

Can any experts give me an idea of what is the best mold abatement product out there.

I have 3 potential candidates:

From what I have read all of the above products claim to be non-toxic. Is this actually true or marketing speak?

We will be using the product to resolve a mold issue in our attic.
If anyone could advise which is the best product to use I would greatly appreciate it.

For reference, I have spoken to two companies to have this work done (and remove the existing insulation) one suggested Concrobium while another suggested Foster 40-25. Then I had a home environment specialist suggest Benefect as the best.

I am looking for the best product to eliminate the mold while being the least toxic as I will have my pregnant wife living in this home.

Appreciate any information. Thank you.


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Were any of the people you contacted certified by any organization for mold remediation? The most common, effective fungicides for remediating mold from building materials are Phenols, Quaternary Ammonias or Sodium Hpychlorite. Depending on the size of the project, If I were going to remediate a mold problem in your attic, I would use something like Fosters 40-80 which is a Quat based product. After the final cleaning, I would seal the exposed wood with Fosters 42-42. There are other steps that would need to be completed before starting and during the project. (Air management, personal protective equipment, process planning, etc.)Number one is to identify the source of the moisture and control it. Failure to complete step one means that everything else is wasted effort. Having done this type of work, I'm very skeptical of products that list no active ingredients, like your first two. And I never trust one step products..... at least not for anything larger than an isolated spot.


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I've heard that dry ice blasting is the least toxic and environmentally friendly method of mold remediation. The CO2 ice is blasted on the mold surface, removing it and then the CO2 evaporates. Pretty simple and not messy. I've never had the need to use it but saw it in a post on another site years ago.

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Mold!! Let's kill it!
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CO2 blasting is very effective and is not nearly as detrimental to building surfaces as other methods. It does require a lot of prep work and supplied breathing air though. I takes a lot of pre-planning to contain the blasted mold and get it removed from the structure. It will make things look pretty, but you still need to apply sealer.
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40-25 , benefect , concrobium , foster

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