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Mini Fridge not sealing

I got a free mini fridge from a friend and it is in great shape except at the top of the fridge the seal doesn't actually meet up with the fridge so there is not a seal.

Is this a seal problem, or is there a way to adjust the hinges? I looked and I don't see any obvious adjustment, but I really don't want to junk the whole thing as it is in great shape otherwise.

It is a Magic Chef brand if it matters. A picture of the problem:


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I think problem is with hinges because they always create problems for sealing.


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if the previous owner had left it open for any lenght of time unplugged .the gasket expanded...take rope and tie it around the unit standing up normal position just a little down from the top and just up from the bottom super tight...then check the door hinges
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From what I can see of that door gasket, it definitely needs to be reset.

Open the door and peel the door gasket back. You should see some rails that are held down with screws that hold the door gasket in place. You should mark the door gasket so that you know which edge was on top, outside, bottom and hinge side.

Loosen the screws holding the gasket in place and slip the gasket out from under those rails and let it soak in hot water so that all the twists and stuff in it relax. You should also check to ensure that it was installed correctly; normally a fridge door gasket will have magnets only on THREE sides; the top, bottom and latch side. The hinge side shouldn't have magnets in it.

After soaking for a half hour, the gasket should be soft and easy to work with. Slip it over the rails on the hinge side of the fridge, then the top, the bottom and finally the latch side of the door.

See how the door closes now.

On the fridge hinges I've had anything to do with, adjusting the hinge will only make the door square with the cabinet of the fridge so that the top outside corner of the door is right in front of the top outside corner of the cabinet. The hinge adjustment doesn't have anything to do with the problem you're having.

Fridge doors consist of sheet metal, and it's common for them to twist out of shape. To fix the problem, you need two things: A Big Book of Knowledge and a $5 bill. What you do is put the Big Book of Knowledge between the cabinet and door at the corner of the door that makes contact with the cabinet first. Then you simply press hard on the corner that doesn't makes contact with the cabinet. In that way, you quite literally twist the door back into shape.

To test the seal, use a piece of paper like a $5 bill. The magnets holding the gasket to the cabinet should hold the gasket tight enough that you have to tug quite hard to pull the bill out from between the gasket and the cabinet all the way around the door. If you find that you have to pull harder at the top than at the bottom, then reach for that Big Book of Knowledge again and put it in the top corner while you push on the bottom corner to get the seal uniform all the way around the door.
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