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This might work for you

until they develop countermeasures.

On Sunday morning we couldn't find a service station to pull out the nail from the front tire so we went into one of these tire-selling franchises.

He said "$32" and our family friend said "Yes" and went to lunch with my wife while I settled down in the customer waiting room and watched a Soprano rerun.

The tire guy soon came out with a barely suppressed smirk and showed me that there were two nails in the tire, not one.

I said "Cool! I can't imagine where that lady has been driving."

He said, "Two nails; it's now $64" and I knew he would not give that car back until he got as much money as he wanted.

Truthfully I said, "Not my tire, not my car, cannot say either way."

He said, "What's her phone number? I have to reach her."

More truth: "Dunno', dunno' that lady's cell number, don't know her home phone number [lie], don't know if she has her cell with her, don't know if she has a home phone [lie] and I don't know where she lives [lie]."

Now I had the barely suppressed smirk.

That piece of dog excrement waited a few seconds and then told the mech. to fix it for $32.
When she got back he made sure she knew what a big favor he had done for her.

What I take from this is that
it's easy to pry money out of people who are in a hurry, and now I know it works both ways.
It was worth more than $32 to him to free that service bay because it was likely that he could get some other customer in there who would be easier to cheat.

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This might work for you

$32.00 to fix a tire?

What we've got here is... failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it... well, he gets it.
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This might work for you

Originally Posted by 47_47 View Post
$32.00 to fix a tire?
I told "the lady" that she can call the cops.
If they're honest they'd tell her it's a civil matter.
If not they'd investigate her for having the nerve to charge a US corporation with attempted fraud.

For $32 I'd have walked home.
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