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Metal drill bit

I have from time to time had to drill a whole in a piece of steel,or any type of hard metal. I have used metal bits,and masonary bits.I have never found a bit that will work good. I usually end up using two or three bits. I also use oil. Is there a drill bit out there that will drill metal? I do not mind paying a good price for a good metal
bit. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You


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I was at the wordworking show and there was a demonstration of these. It looks like they could go through anything. Pricey, though.


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Masonary bits will not drills steel. But are the other bits sharp?? Dull bits or bits not properly sharpened will not drill. If they are dull and you use bits often, consider a Drill Doctor sharpener. It you don't use them that often, most new drill bits will drill steel. For drilling steel, especially hard steel like stainless, you need to use a slow speed on the drill. Running the drill fast only dulls and overheats the bit.
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A drill press will also help. It will keep the bit at a constant speed and you can more easily control the pressure you are applying.
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be sure you buy high speed steel bits. wood bits will not go through steel easily, if at all.
i get the ones that are titanium (gold tipped), and they go through any steel i need to drill.

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I drill a LOT of steel. All types and thicknesses. Sometimes stainless.

The best steel drilling bits are ones with 8% cobalt. The split-points are easier to use in larger sizes, no pilot hole is needed. Be careful though, cobalt bits are very good with steel, but they're extremely brittle.

If you're drilling holes in steel larger than about 5/32", and you're using regular bits, consider drilling a 1/8" or so pilot hole first. You'd be amazed at how much faster the big bit will drill if there's already a small hole.

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I do think everyone for the info on metal drill bits. Thank


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