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gt1935 11-11-2012 05:40 PM

mailbox support
Want to install a 4"x4" treated post into one of the setting concrete mixes to put a mailbox on it. Read numerous how to's to set the post and most of them set the post in concrete. In the diy central section it mentions setting a post in concrete and if someone hits it they may be liable.

spotco2 11-11-2012 07:05 PM

If you are asking if you would be liable if someone hits it, then no.

It will not do any more damage if it is set in concrete than if it was not. If someone hits it, the post is going to break.

The concrete keeps the post from becoming loose in the ground over time.

Mort 11-12-2012 10:48 AM

Maybe what you're thinking of is when people have their mailboxes repeatedly hit, so they fill a dummy box up with concrete to mess with the vandals?

Setting the post in concrete is the proper way to do it.

Evstarr 11-13-2012 05:25 PM

I'd fill it with explosives if they kept taking it out....

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