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Looking to weather-proof the house...what to do?

This will be my 2nd winter coming up in my house. I find the house is starting to get cold inside now. The windows and doors are all originals with the house (23 yrs old) so I imagine there are some spots where cold drafts are coming in and my electric heat is escaping.

It dosen't seem to be just one room, but all rooms are a little chilly. It is the opposite in the summer as the house feels like an oven. So now I am wondering what I should do..add some weather stripping, caulk around windows? Any step by step instructions on how to do this?


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Try calling your local utility or go online to them. Some utilities will perform a home energy audit, others have a "how to" pamphlet on energy conservation.
Generally, caulking, insulating and weatherstripping will bring good results at a minimum dollar expenditure.
A simple web search will bring you volumes of suggestions.


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On a windy day, feel around the perimeter of your doors and windows. You should not feel any drafts. This is sometimes done (very carefully) with a candle. Weatherstripping is about the most cost effective weatherproofing.
Next thing to do is pop your head into the attic (or climb up there) and see how much insulation you have. Fiberglass insulation is about R3.5 per inch. In Ontario today, the building code is R40 in the attic. I just finished upgrading my attic insulation to R70. It wasn't cheap.
New windows and doors will help, but good windows can be pretty pricey.
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if there are drafts blowing in around the edges of the doores and windows, pop off the trim and use some spray foam in the gaps. Electrical outlets and switch boxes are another common source of drafts.

About the best you can do for seasonal insulation is to put plastic sheets inside covering the windows. its kind-of like adding another pane to the windows.

In general, it sound like you are under insulated. That is not a simple opperation to upgrade. maybe get some thermal imaging done to see were the real bad spots are. might also want to consider planting some deciduous trees the shade the shouth side of the house, and maybe a row of cedars to act as a wind break. obviously, those 2 wont be quick fixes.

to an extent, all that is just bandaging. Your real problem is the electric heat. I'd probably change to just about any other source of heat instead of resistance electricity if its even remotely an option. Maybe just get a pellet stove. compressed wood pellets give many more btus per dollar than electricity. I think its comperable to natural gas.

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Start here and work around on the site: http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/residential/p...toc.cfm?attr=4



Air sealing and ventilation: http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/residential/p...ap4.cfm?attr=4

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Winterize House

I just went through the same thing with a house built in 1910 with old windows and poor insulation, after searching the web for answers I found what I needed at thediyhomepro http://thediyhomepro.com/a00039.php This is the exact article that helper me figure out what I needed to do,. I found it through a search for winterizing your home. I noticed that they ave a lot of how to stuff on their site as well. Hope this helps.


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