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kennykenny 09-23-2007 11:14 AM

LB Mower Repair Question
I have a Silver Pro Series Self Propelled walk behing mower that I need some repair advice on. The Muffler guard has broken away from the bolts that are holding it on to the engine assembly. I have contacted Lawnboy and am told that the guard and the muffler are sold as one piece. My question is, how or where can I find out how to take off the old muffler and guard and put the new one on? Lawn Boy couldn't help me with this very well. I checked with a local repair facility and they will charge as much to fix this as it would be to buy a whole new mower. I am fairly handy but need a guide on how to do it. Is there anything online or can someone direct me? Thanks!

Sammy 09-23-2007 12:12 PM has some manuals listed...

Out of the variations they show it doesnt look hard.

Most lawn mower mufflers are only a bolt or two....

Is the muffler still attached to the mower and working? If it is, and its just the guard that broke, just dont put your hands on the muffler when its hot or let it contact brush etc.

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