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ibgyahoo 08-04-2011 11:11 AM

Lawn mower repair
I have a Craftsman 4.0 horsepower 20” rotary power-propelled mulching mower with aluminum deck, model number 517.372500, and engine model 143.414222 that is probably 20 years old, but I liked it. It ran very well and it has aluminum deck and good engine. Everything was OK all this time until couple days ago. I tried to start it and it didn’t want to run on high speed, only on low and it stalled. I thought that may be something got into carburetor’s float bowl. I removed fuel hose, emptied fuel tank and removed bowl. It wasn’t dirty. I start looking what is wrong and I saw link governor spring (part number 34337) lying at the bottom under the carburetor. It looked like the spring fell off and the tip of the spring either opened or may be braked a small part of it. I looked in the mower manual and I saw it under number 186 but it is without spring on the picture, just link. I removed the carburetor to see where this link and spring is supposed to be and I couldn’t find a place for the spring. I thought that I found how to insert the link into the top of the carburetor; it is called bracket assembly in the manual. But I don’t see where to put a spring. When I removed the carburetor I disconnected the throttle link under number 207 in the manual. I think I know how to install the throttle link back, even so now I’m not so sure any more, but I cannot find where to install the spring of link, governor spring. I looked on-line at the sears repair shop near my house and they are offering an on-line schedule and even told me that it will cost me $89.99 plus tax to install everything back. I don’t think that my mower cost even half so much, and I would need to rent a truck to bring the mower in and after repair to take it home. Is anybody can help me to install this spring. I’m not so technically inclined, as you can see from my explanations. Therefore, please try to be in detail as much as it is possible.

Ron6519 08-04-2011 11:48 AM

Try to look on Sears Parts site. You will need a service manual and a new spring. If someone here has a manual, you still need the spring.
I'm guessing here but, the throttle that controlls the speed will actuate a lever near the carburetor. The lever will have a hole in it or a notch for the spring. It will be connected to the carburetor and should pull an arm to increase gas flow.
If this isn't a spring with an offset arm or a special shape, you might get one locally that is close and will do the job, short term. At worst, it will get you familiar with the parts of the throttle linkage and you can experiment.

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