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joeyboy 11-23-2007 02:21 PM

large mystery plywood panel in garage - any thoughts on this?!
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As many here know, I'm pretty much re-doing most of my house cosmetically. I'm on the garage now and am beginning wall prep and whatnot.

After purchasing this house, we started to become curious as to what this large panel of plywood in the garage was. Jokingly we mused there must be large quantities of drugs, or dead bodies, behind it (we found out after our purchase that the previous owner rented, and the renter's boyfriend is now a fugitive for major dealing :huh: ). But seriously, we just presumed it was because someone smashed the drywall and they didn't know how to fix it, so they patched it with this thing.

In the pics you can see this giant (maybe a 4'X8') piece of plywood, which was screwed tightly to studs and painted.

When removed, there's NOTHING it seemed to be there to cover/protect/hide.

First reaction was 'great, no big holes to fix now, just a bunch of little dings and some hideous old colors'. That's fine, as I'm doing a full dent/sand/prime/paint job in there.

But I just can't get it out of my mind, why on earth would that be there? The only reason I can possibly, possibly fathom is that they put it there because of all the dings in the drywall - yet anyone inclined enough to go get such a large piece of plywood, screws, and drill that thing into place, should've been hip to the concept of...SPACKLE! Right?!

I'm just so confused and, well, was expecting something surprising behind this mystery panel I've been seeing for months, and am just dumbfounded to find absolutely nothing worthy of hiding/covering behind it, figure there *must* be something I'm missing here :laughing:

<1st pic is giant mystery plywood panel, 2nd colorful pic is what was behind - just a painted sheetrock/drywall section with some dings....>

space_coyote 11-23-2007 03:16 PM

How about...

Dartboard wall protection?

I dunno -- just throwin' it out there.

joeyboy 11-23-2007 07:01 PM

that kind of works, there was a line on the garage floor that would've indicated a dartboard throw line... But damn that seems like quite a bit of overkill!! That's a good call that must be it, although I can think of a few easier approaches lol!!

troubleseeker 11-23-2007 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by space_coyote (Post 75754)
How about...

Dartboard wall protection?

I dunno -- just throwin' it out there.

Stole my immediate guess also. But unless they were real good players and never missed the target, that would be pretty obvious from the holes that would be in the plywood. Maybe they never got around to hanging the board.

joeyboy 11-24-2007 09:13 AM

the board had some nicks, but the drywall behind it had a ton of holes - seemed like nail holes but the pattern definitely could've been from playing darts <although it'd seem as if tehy were nailing those darts through the board, there's no circular spot w/o holes surrounded by holes or anything>

either way though, if you've already banged the drywall up, you may as well keep doing it and then just fix instead of putting a huge piece of plywood up haha!

The more I think about it, the more it's probably that, what else could it be? The 4X8 kind of does suggest they just grabbed a sheet of the stuff and didn't consider cutting it to a more appropriate dartboard-backer size, so maybe that's why they'd go through the trouble of installing a huge board instead of just dealing with holes and spackling after!

Sammy 11-24-2007 09:48 AM

Any BB's buried in the drywall?

Maybe somebody had an indoor range and used the board to cover it up..

LawnGuyLandSparky 11-26-2007 10:23 AM

Maybe that was a backing for some heavy duty homemade shelving?

End Grain 11-28-2007 10:05 AM

We're they afraid someone was going to kick in the wall from outside and break into the garage/house at that particular point?

joeyboy 11-28-2007 01:44 PM

I don't think so - I mean the door next to it opens into the garage, it'd be soooo much easier (criminals reading this, please disregard said info :) ) to just knock the pins out of the hinges and walk in through the door. If noise wasn't a concern, as you'd have with smashing a wall, you could just bust the glass on that door too. I've actually broken in through that door myself once since I've had this place lol, I'm finally re-doing the garage now and will be using putty/bondo to fix up the frame, but the latch strike's spot is so mashed up you can very easily open the door even when it's locked lol!

Some bondo and a deadbolt will help that a lot!

It's gotta be a dartboard, I mean the line on the floor would've indicated that, but the thought of procuring a 4'X8' board, installing it to the studs, etc, just seems like obnoxious overkill. I mean, if you're knowledgable enough to get teh board and secure it, shouldn't ya be smart enough to know you should just fix the damn drywall if you're missing the board? Or maybe cut a smaller board so it doesn't take up half the wall? LOL! The only thing I'm thinking is a variation on teh dart idea - kids with darts. That'd warrant a 4'X8' back board if you wanted to go that route, although placing it dead center between a glass door and the water heater seems to be, well, less than well thought out!!

End Grain 11-28-2007 01:57 PM

Was the former owner an aspiring knife thrower? Or maybe liked to throw those martial arts stars and such? *LOL You got a good one there no matter what the actual reason, joeyboy.

boman47k 11-28-2007 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by LawnGuyLandSparky (Post 76284)
Maybe that was a backing for some heavy duty homemade shelving?

:thumbsup: Or some kind of hangers. Maybe had no pegboard and used the ply. Of course, that does not explain the line on the floor.


now a fugitive for major dealing :huh:
Then again, maybe an easy to reach weapons rack?!

joeyboy 11-28-2007 02:07 PM

nah he was probably an aspiring gangbanger lol, the guy was apparently a very big drug dealer. I wasn't even joking in my first post, there was a part of me that was half expecting to remove that and see like shelves with bags of crack or something :laughing: , maybe a body or two!!

The logical part of me figured I'd remove it and there'd just be a huge hole in the drywall, maybe some rotted or messed up studs, some damage that was just ghetto-patched with a big sheet of plywood.

I was dumbfounded when I saw nothing, and the thought of that kind of trouble to protect a random drywall spot in your garage from darts or bb's seemed completely impractical, but people do weird stuff I guess!

gregzoll 12-01-2007 01:00 AM

Usually, you will find Plywood Horizontal along a wall to stop damage, but if it is vertical like that, it was probably to stop further damage at that section.

joeyboy 12-01-2007 08:58 AM

damage as in sheetrock cracking/splitting?

I'll keep a constant eye on it - I'll actually be finishing/painting it, so any cracks or anything should be easy to spot, and if I do the board'll go back up then!

gregzoll 12-02-2007 02:10 PM

Damage as in stuff getting thrown against the Sheet rock, etc.

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