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Rudy M 02-02-2011 01:05 PM

Kneepad Survey - finding solutions to common problems
This survey was designed to create useful information and statistics to help understand the needs of the many contractors and laborers in the world today by inventing the ultimate kneepad design. We ask that you please answer each question with full honesty considering our only goal is to help you.

Please take a moment to answer a few questions about Kneepads. Label as many letters that apply.

1. How often do you purchase a pair of kneepads?

a. Every 1-3 months
b. Every 3-6 months
c. Once a year
d. Once ever 2 years or more

2. How often do you use kneepads?

a. Daily
b Once a week
c. Once a month
d. Every 6 months

3. What features are important to you when buying kneepads?

a. Durability
b. Comfort
c. Other (explain)

4. What do you dislike most about kneepads?

a. Irritation behind legs/knees
b. Knee cushion collapses too quickly
c. Kneepad slips down to shin
d. Other (explain)

5. How often do kneepads slip down your shin?

a. Never
b. Sometimes
c. Always

6. Which of the following do you prefer on the outer surface of a kneepad?

a. Soft
b. Hard Shell
c. Hard shell with non-skid surface

7. If you could improve the design or function of a kneepad, what would you change?

a. Long life span
b. Better cushioning
c. More durable
d. Better straps
c. Other (explain)

8. What is your occupation?

a. Flooring/Carpet Layer
b. Roofer
c. Cement/Masonry
d. Painter
e. Electrician
f. Plumber
g. Welder
H. Mechanic
I. Landscaper
J. Military
K. Gardener
L. Other (explain)

9. What is your First Name? (Optional)

10. Would you purchase kneepads more often if these problems were solved?

a. Yes
b. No

After completing this survey please email your answers to our email at:

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

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