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sgorak 08-09-2007 06:20 PM

Ice Maker Not Getting Water
The ice maker in my Frigidair Refrigerator freezer is not getting water. So far for troubleshooting I have done the following (Note the unit also has a water dispenser on the door):

1) Switch selenoid leads in back of refrigerator.

Pressing door switch for water dispensed water into ice tray. Therefore ice maker selenoid works and water line is not blocked.

2) Replace ice maker unit.

Nothing. No water. Checked voltage at selenoid and I am getting about 100v. Selenoid does buzz when activated by the ice maker as it hits that part of the cycle. With water-out water line removed, the selenoid will sputter some water but thats it.

Conclusion: Low voltage for some reason.

Suggestions on what is causing the problem? Can I be loosing voltage some where to the unit when there is a load? I checked across different combinations of the 4 prong plug to the ice maker and get 120v across several. I'm sure it can't be the ice maker unit itself, since I've just replaced and I'd not expect two to have the same problem; the old one and the new one. So it's something in the supply or wires to the selenoid? I've checked and wiggled, jiggled plugs to be sure I am getting good contact.

Stan I don't know if replies to posts here go directly to my email, or if I need to check here. Feel free to send to email.

sgorak 08-12-2007 05:23 PM

Got it!
Ok, I figured nothing to loose. It's not working so I can at best fix or at worst it would still not be working.

I took out the twin selenoid set. Turned off the water supply and loosened the supply fitting at the selenoid. psst releaving pressure. Turned on the water at the feed line to the selenoid. Hmmmmmm. Pressed the door water switch....and water at the selenoid supply. !!! Traced the water lines. There is a set of twin selenoids where the main water supply comes in, 2 of them. Beneath this set the outlet from these selenoids are connected by a "Y" fitting then go to the filter, then out to the second set of twin selenoids. I switched the electrical connections at this newly found set and pressed the door water. Nothing. I manually turned the ice maker to get it started, and when it hit the part of the cycle for water, I got water out the second selenoid inlet water line (the selenoids that feed the water to the door and ice maker). So the ice maker selenoid of this first set directly off the main water supply wasn't working. Soooo... tore them apart. The metal plunger in the selenoid has a cupped out tip with a little tiny rubber disk there. The one that wasn't working, the disk was gummy. A tooth pick to pop it out, turn it around and put it back. Some testing, put all together and all works fine.


badkarma927 08-17-2007 09:29 AM

I might have to check into this myself.. My fridge makes ice, but the water part doesn't work :wallbash:

sv9779 10-27-2008 08:02 PM

Might want to replace those valves. Manufactureres stopped rebuilding them because of too many house floods. Goop in the wrong hold will cause the opposite to happen. Icemaker calls for water and the valve never shuts off.

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