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Ice clearing, prevention

Because to most people, salt=sodium chloride and only sodium chloride.
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Ice clearing, prevention

You cannot immediately transfer products and methods arbitrarily from one region to another.

I will put common"salt" (sodium chloride) on my steak, but never calcium or magnesium chloride. It might work, but I will leave the testing to others.

Today, it was +7F this morning and went up to +12F and going down for a few days. I immediately got my car to the car wash for a good wash since it will be clear and cold (about -15F forcast for some days)and a lot of sun for about a week or maybe longer. It gets rid of the salt and freezing is a very good way to eliminate moisture. There is no way I would go to car wash in a southern state if it was 35F or so.
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Ice clearing, prevention

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Ice clearing, prevention

OK downunder,

That's an entirely different situation then. I'm not sure where I got the idea that it was rain. What you're thinking of doing is just fine, and as a matter of fact, something we do on most of our lots BEFORE a snow as well.

We use straight bulk rock salt (nothing fancy, just dirty salt) on most lots as a pre-app to almost all snowfalls. It's done to assist in getting a cleaner scrape at the end. It works especially well in areas that get high traffic, where the snow would typically get "pounded" down to the pavement.

I'd suggest looking for Morton solar salt, as it's 99.8% pure sodium chloride, and I believe it's in the blue bags. This is certainly a more expensive product per pound than bulk rock, but it will still pay huge dividends in labor savings. You will need to find a way to broadcast it though. A heavy walk behind spreader will work on small areas, but you'll need at least a "tailgate" spreader for larger areas.

The liquid idea is probably not feasible for you unfortunately. I only suggested the ready mix chloride for your existing situation, not future issues. Unfortunately, I don't believe you can use much of your existing equipment to spray de-icer. The equipment is specific to de-icers due to corrosive properties, flow rates, nozzle orrifices, etc..... Alot of folks that have lawn spraying units just buy a totally different winter rig due to the non-compatability. Plus I don't see it being cost effective where you are. By far the most common place to see liquid de-icing is Lower MI, where alot of salt wells are present.

Good luck down, and hopefully you have this round of precip. just about handled.
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Ice clearing, prevention

were just really good drivers up here in the north and know how to handle the icy roads
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Ice clearing, prevention

Originally Posted by bgabrielse View Post
were just really good drivers up here in the north and know how to handle the icy roads
Oh yeah! I see you guys on the news all the time!
Yes I am a Pirate, 200 years too late. "Jimmy Buffett"
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