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Dorado 05-01-2013 10:51 AM

How to tip
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The super and his assistant have been tearing up a wall and working to fix a leak for 2 hours so far. I think they're on a lunch break now or they may be buying pipe. They work here part of the time and in the bathroom above me part of the time. How to I tip? Lets say it takes another hour or two. Do I just tip the super? Oh, and they'll be coming back on Saturday to patch the ceiling. I guess I should wait until then, but the assistant probably won't be there for that.

jproffer 05-01-2013 11:07 AM

Tipping your contractor, while appreciated, is not at all my experience at least.

rossfingal 05-01-2013 11:07 AM

It's a rental unit?
(Super and assistant)
That's their job.
They're getting paid.
You should not feel obligated to "tip" them.

Everyone appreciates "tips"! - though!
At least they know someone acknowledges their work!

Dorado 05-01-2013 11:13 AM

I own the apartment but it's a co-op and we pay a monthly maintenance fee that's about equivalent to rent. So I won't worry and wait until he patches it but I've been tipping for stuff like this.

user1007 05-01-2013 11:18 AM

Where are you? You might want to update your profile.

Were you nice to them around the Holidays? If so, they will not be expecting much since they are doing their job and you showed you appreciated them earlier. On the other hand, they will appreciate you noticed they cleaned up after themselves and put extra effort into making your space real again?

You should plan to pay them at least what you would have to pay your cleaning lady and not have to hear her ***** about all the extra work?

The trickiest issue is how to distribute the amount between the super and the worker. If both worked as hard and diligently one could assume you could slip them both a $10 (here) or $20 (NYC) and not cause problems. If you suspect a hierarchy you might not know about? I would hand the super $40-50, in front of the worker to the super with a suggetion he knows best how to distribute the funds. If he chooses to screw his compatriate, it is then not on you.

I keep gift cards for the corner 7-11 and Starbuck's in different denominations on hand for these occassions although the head maintenance person and his worker seem to share equally so they get cash. I figure with people that may not know each other? And blab about tip amounts? Gift cards work.

My guys are phenomenal though and I know most in this building do not tip them. I know they appreciate it and whether I get better or quicker service when needed? Not sure but I never worry about it. Plus it is just playing nice to treat people right. I have hated it when building maintenance people have stood with palms out like hotel bell hop druggies. They got nothing from me. And I would not tip someone for just doing their job and if I had to ask them to do it more than once. Or if they left the jobsite like many plumbers or electricians do (there is something about people in those professions that make them think their Mothers follow to clean up after them or something)? They would not get extra from me.

Of course only tip what you can afford and don't be flamboyant about it or you will be spotted and labeled as something you do not want to be. And you may establish a trend in tipping you cannot keep up.

PoleCat 05-01-2013 03:48 PM

In new yawk city I think I would at least slip them $10 a piece. Otherwise they may abscond with your valuables next time you are out.:huh:

AndyWRS 05-01-2013 06:32 PM

Tips are very very rare. I am being paid already, doesn't seem fair to double dip.

If what i am doing is part of the job then I don't accept them. If i'm helping the customer out with something not related to my job and they offer lunch $ i would accept. I dont usually do other work expecting a tip, i just do it in the hopes we get a referral and more roofing work.

Last week we did a small flat roof, 5 sq. On the last day the customer wanted to know if I could remove the dead rats in the attic traps. Lucky for her the attic was semi large and had easy access or i would have declined. To much liability with putting a foot through the ceiling to crawl through a tight attic. Anyway, i found two rats int he attic traps and removed them. why the folks that told her they were up there didnt remove them i dont know, but i did. She offered to pay but i declined it. Only took about 10 min.

Dorado 05-01-2013 08:01 PM

This was pretty helpful about tipping supers in NYC. He's also doing plastering (unfortunately he mixes joint compound with plaster, but I'll let him do it anyway). I'll tip him as I usually do for a job like this. At times when I'm unsure I'll try to think of a special favor so I know for sure to tip, like borrowing a tool.

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