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Originally Posted by ProWallGuy
Hmm, I reckon Nathan said it a lot nicer than I would've.
But, just to set the record straight, no other jerkoff member whined about you. At least not to me. It was all my doing, and I was just following rules. As a moderator, I watch who's posting, and what's being posted. I noticed your questions right off the bat as DIY, but when looking at your profile, I assumed you just might be a dumbass plumber. So, when you changed your profile, you did yourself in.

Here is a screen shot of just exactly how I locked your thread. Notice my gentle attitude, and pleasant demeanor.

Then, YOU PM'ed me, and you tell me where it went downhill:

Your booting me because of what i do?

Your really gonna boot me from this forum because I'm not a contractor? My post's have all been clean, nothing vulgar, no racism, just questions about certain problems. I have never been to a web site that has booted a member because of what his occupation is. Please , let me know if your really going to boot me from this site.

As for the DIY forum, the main reason i come here is because it seems to have more people answering peoples questions.


I responded with:

Yes, unfortunately, its the rules. Its nothing personal against what you do or who you are, as I'd remove a doctor, lawyer, senator, trash man, pro golfer, or auto mechanic because they are not contractors, or related to the contracting industry at all. If we let one post, we'd have to let them all. But we don't. Sorry.....

You came back with:

That's a pretty ****ty way to run a board. I could have been a ************ on this board then at least I would expect to get **** canned from it, but because there are a few ********************* contractors that don't like it?


To which I responded with:

Sorry you don't like the way this forum is run. You need to take that up with the administrator, Nathan.

I would also like to add that all your questions were answered for you, even though it was pretty obvious that you weren't a contractor.
And your right, I don't know squat about static/dynamic IPs, or proxies or whatever, because I'm not a web guy, I'm a CONTRACTOR.
Congratulations, You can now copy and paste... You had best get your story straight, you never mentioned anything about Nathan. Until Nathan answered me over here, i didn't know who he was.

Now I'm a diy'er and your following me here? Now Prowallguy, if you have something to say, i'd suggest you email me, My email address is, I'll be a nice guy and keep this site clean. Nathan, Please Delete this thread, trouble will start with your moderator and his huge head!!

Prowallguy, Why do you feel the need to add fuel to the fire?


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Originally Posted by Sellncars
Now Prowallguy, if you have something to say, i'd suggest you email me, My email address is,
..... Prowallguy, Why do you feel the need to add fuel to the fire?
Are you reading the same thread I am? The one where you called ProWallGuy out by name several times and now your asking him why he added fuel to the fire because he responded? I think it's fair for someone to respond when called out.

I read through everything again and I think what this all comes back to is this thought:
Originally Posted by Sellncars
I know alot of Contractors local, and i don't think they believe they are better then someone NOT in the business.
For some reason you took our contractors only rule personally as an attack on you or your profession. It really has nothing to do with what anyone does for a living and I'm not sure where you got this from.
I could go down a long list of reasons why we have a contractors only board but in the end it's just a rule we have and nothing against you.

Originally Posted by Sellncars
Nathan, Please Delete this thread, trouble will start with your moderator and his huge head!!
I'm not going to delete this thread but I will CLOSE it so no more reponses can take place. I don't want this to turn into a brawl as you seem to be suggesting and I do thing that PM might be the best way to go.

I will once again warn you though. There are a lot of websites out there and you are free to go somewhere else if you don't like our rules... but we will continue to enforce our rules and do so fairly. The choice is yours, let this go and be a positive member of or leave a chip on your shoulder and getting banned again.

Now lets move on....



"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot
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