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demorris 01-26-2009 08:08 AM

How do I safely melt ice that is on my new Vinyl Decking?
Hey all,

Recently had a vinyl deck installed with vinyl deck flooring. Really love it, but now encountering a problem. I live in PA where snow and ice are the norm during the winter. If I use salt to remove ice, will it harm the vinyl flooring. If yes, what can I use to safely melt the ice?

Thank you,

concretemasonry 01-26-2009 09:41 AM

Best -
Get the snow off and let Mother Nature (the sun) do it for you.

Secons choice -
Since a vinyl deck is the greatest thing ever, you should be able to use a deicer. Us the right kind that won't damage plants.

cobracdn 01-27-2009 07:43 AM

The snow removers up here use gas powered leaf blowers. They can lift 2 - 3 inches of ice off concrete driveways with them. It's actually amazing to watch. Star near the edge, the air loosens the bond the ice has on the surface and will lift in sheets.


AWellUsedWallet 02-01-2009 01:52 PM

I Also Live in PA and Have Front Porch Flooring Made Out of Recycled Plastic
The porch floor boards are made out of recycled HPDE plastic (manufactured by a company in PA). I've had the porch for 3-1/2 winters now, and I have put down both salt and the de-icing agents that are supposedly safe for your lawn. I've not had any problems with any discoloring or other issues with using those products. Now, my porch flooring is gray in color and these de-icing agents will leave a white residue. But, I just power-wash it with plain water in the spring and it is all gone.

The idea of using a a gas-powered leaf blower is intriguing - however, my front porch is covered, so what little snow I do get on it is pretty easily handled by the salt/de-icing agents.

By the way, I just sweep/de-ice a small part of the porch, by my front door. If I do use a shovel, I use one that is all plastic without a metal strip at the end of the blade, so as to not scratch the porch floor. The rest of the porch I just let mother nature take care of the snow. It melts pretty fast - even where the sun does not hit it:thumbsup:.

Good luck.

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