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Hot Tub Help

I'm not sure if this will get much feedback at these forums, but you guys are pretty knowledgeable and helpful so I'm going to try it anyways. My neighbor is giving me an old hot tub for payment for the fence that we replaced between us. But it's not running at the moment, and she doesn't know what's wrong with it. Her son had it and was "fixing" it but he left before it was finished. From what I've found, I don't know the model of it, but the controller/heater is from hydroquip. The one that's installed is a year 1991 a hydroquip ds-2, and there's a second one sitting on the side built in 2000, a hydroquip hq-3000E. The panel cover is removed and some wires are pulled out. I'm not sure what he was replacing, if it was parts or the whole controller, but something is going on with it. If I do get it I'm going to have to put it together and get it running to figure out what's wrong with it. The problem I've come across is the controller from '91 is so old the company doesn't even have wiring diagrams for it, but I'm sure it's similar to the newer '00 model. Also there is a used pump laying on the side with the newer controller, and from what I can see it's a spare or replacement also. And the rest of the hot tub seems to be in good condition, nothing broken, no cracks, etc. There isn't a cover for it, but it's been under a gazebo to mostly keep it from the elements.

First, does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 1991 Hydroquip DS-2 controller?

Second, I'm feeling that this isn't worth the hassle of trying to get it fixed. I already have a setup for a hot tub so installing it won't be a problem, it's just getting it running. I want one desperately, but don't have the money even for a decent working one at this time. What do you all think about this? I am fairly handy and am confident I can get it running, I just don't know how much work/time/money it is going to take.

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Hot Tub Help

Before messing with the controller at all, I would recommend testing the pumps and for leaks. Obviously for the leaks part, fill it with water and just keep your eyes underneath and on water level. This will not guarantee no leaks once it is actually running, but it would reveal a large problem. Second, I would bypass the controller and run power directly to the pump(s). This will let you know if they are in working order. The pumps aren't terribly expensive, I got one for a tub that I fixed for under $200. If you check these things ahead of time, it will give you a better idea of whether it is worth messing with the controller or not. It would be better to find those issues now and not after having put time and money into the wiring. Just some thoughts on the situation as I recently got a hot tun for free that I had done some work to. Unfortunately for you, I dont really know anything about the controllers in them. So, sorry I couldn't answer your actually question, but hopefully I can help somewhat.

Also, realized this after posting the first time, but if you do test the pumps, be sure there is water in the tub and getting to them, or they will burn out very fast.

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Dwillems (12-05-2011)
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Hot Tub Help

that's really good suggestions. I never even thought of filling up the hot tub and wiring up the pumps to see how well it works. I'll have to talk to the neighbor and see if I can work on it there instead of hauling it over, finding out it's junk, then having to get rid of it.
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